Ordered my moby wrap (finally!)

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Ordered my moby wrap (finally!)

I've been kind of hoping that someone would get it for me because that's the one thing I tell everyone I want, but it looks like that's not happening, so I went ahead and ordered it today. I got the blue one with the owl! Smile Anyone else getting a Moby?

In TMI news, I believe I lost my mucus plug AGAIN today. I lost a big hunk of mucus about 2 weeks ago, but my doc told me that it could "grow back" if I didn't go into labor. I lost another one this morning, and this one had a bunch of brown blood mixed in. Please let this be a sign that I'm going into labor soon. LOL I'm ready! LOL

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Woohoo! I hear bloody show in the mucus plug is a GOOD SIGN!!

Not that I'm being scarily stalker-ish, but if you DO go into labor soon.. I expect someone to be updated so they can update the board and I can do my happy dance! And that's that!!! LMAO

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Sooo, I went to the Moby Wrap website and read all the stories that talk about how it's a lifesaver. I'm still too scared to buy one, but I feel like I've been pushed a little towards the fence on it. Maybe, when Julie gets here, if I feel like I want/need one, I'll get one then.

However, it talks about how you can do laundry and cook. Um - I'd have to do laundry sideways and I am not COOKING with my daughter in front of me, close to the stove. But other than that, they sound great. Hmmm....

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Yeah I've heard that your mucous plug can grow back too. Sucks. Hopefully this time it's the real deal girl!!!

I made my own Moby with my son and I bought a ring sling with my daughter. I just liked the ease of putting on/taking off the ring sling better than having to wrap the Moby.

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I was torn between a Moby and a ring sling, so I hope I end up liking the Moby.

LOL Jess, I probably wouldn't wouldn't cook (at least not frying or putting stuff in and out of the oven) in a wrap, but I always liked "wearing" T better than hauling around a heavy infant carrier when we would go shopping or pushing a stroller on walks and stuff like that. My carrier that I had with T wasn't a good fit for newborns (he HATED it until he was about 2-3 months old) but once I could get him to use it without screaming it made my life a lot easier, which is why I wanted something I think a newborn would be safe and comfy in this time around.

I actually think a Moby or a sling would be great for you since you aren't planning on taking the infant carrier out of your car anyway. You're probsbly going to want something to keep Julie in for grocery shopping and whatnot.

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I have a moby wrap and a mei tai. The moby wrap intimidates me...its so long. I will be youtubing the moby wrap for sure.

Hope the mucous plug means its for reals this time.

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Woot! I'm so excited for you! Hope its soon! If you like the Moby I can hook you up with a link to a great priced woven wrap for when he gets bigger Smile

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I love how the thread is about the Moby wrap then you just casually mention that you lost your mucus plug. That's big news! I bet this is the real deal and you don't make it through the weekend!!! I'm so excited, I want to see more babies!!!! As for the Moby, I bought a used one off of diaperswappers. I have a BabyBjorn and a BabyHawk, but wanted something I could nurse in easier. I hope I like it. DH is not happy with my growing babywearing collection, lol.

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I bought a Moby Wrap a couple weeks ago and actually can't wait to use it! It's not as bad as it seems once you get the hang of how to wrap it around you.. I was able to do it the first time via the instructions and it really does shorten up. I think you're gonna like it! Biggrin

:woohoo: on the blood and stuff. lol.. Let's go Rocket!!! Time to come play!!!! :clappy: