OT-Gest. Diabetes question for my cousin

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OT-Gest. Diabetes question for my cousin

So my cousin Brittany just had her second baby today. A baby girl. She failed her one hour gestational diabetes test and went back and took the 3 hour to where they told her she passed. Her baby is huge you guys. My aunt was on Skype with her the entire time because they are stationed down in FL and my aunt lives up here and she said everything was going good and then all of a sudden people were everywhere, yelling and so much was going on. Apparently baby Hannahs head got stuck. Anyways, she came into this world at 9lbs 15oz and 22in. The dr worked on my cousin for a long time according to my aunt and apparently they are watching the baby closely. Her temp, blood pressure and blood sugar levels are off I guess.

So here is my question, is it possible she really had gestational diabetes even though they told her she passed the 3hour test?

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Was she borderline at the 3 hr test? I don't know. People do have babies that big, but the blood sugar thing is what makes me wonder. Was it low or high? Reid's was low.

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I don't know what her numbers were, she just said they told her she passed.

I'm pretty sure her sugar levels are high. I don't have all the specific details yet. I guess i'm wondering because her first baby, a boy was only 7lbs 4oz and 20in. So I feel like this was a huge jump for her in baby size. She did gain more weight this time around than before but that doesn't really mean anything as the Dr's weren't worried about it. More for my curiosity than anything.

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I guess its always possible that she developed it after the testing or it was somehow missed.

Henry was born at 41 weeks and was what they kept referring to as "SGA" (Small for Gestational Age) and for this reason they also had to check his blood sugars before each feeding. Which means they were pricking his toes every 40 minutes. Poor guy. I remember a nurse getting angry with me at 3am just a few hours after I gave birth because I fed him and didn't ring her to check his sugars. I was basically asleep...geez. But my point is I think blood sugar levels don't always pertain to the mom having GD.

Congrats to your cousin, hope everything gets resolved soon.

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My first was 8lbs 11oz, which isn't huge, necessarily, but it was a lot bigger than my second, 7lber. I think some babies are just large, no?