OT...thank you!

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OT...thank you!

So, everyone knows my DH has been gone for over a week. He was supposed to come home Sunday. And before I go any further, I just wanna tell all you ladies THANK YOU for your positive vibes and comments. It was hard without him here, plus with my brother being a butthead, he hasn't been home.

So, DH came home early Saturday to surprise me. It was great seeing him. I cried when he hugged me. I'm such a big baby. We spent all day cuddled up together. Sunday, we cleaned together. He stayed in a terrific mood as did I, then he cooked on the grill. I was excited because I love just sitting outside chatting while he cooks, but kinda bummed because I knew my tummy would hurt. He made steak, mushrooms and onions, squash and corn on the cob. I made a salad (which really means I pulled lettuce out of a bag and added croutons LOL).. It was SO GOOD. I didn't get sick off of it either! I was FLOORED because I knew I ate way too much, but OMG ..the steak literally melted in my mouth. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmm. Then we just hung out together. It was a fantastic, really needed weekend.

Anyway, I'm usually a pg.org continuous stalker so..that's why I haven't posted much. But things are back to normal now!

And thanks again - you ladies kept me sane.

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That's great, how awesome that you were able to enjoy that meal without getting sick. On a side note, when I was pregnant with DS, all I ever wanted was steak!

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Awww, im so glad he got home early and you got to have a nice weekend together!! Smile And yay for being able to hold your meal down! Now that ive read this, im wanting a big ol steak! lol

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Yay, so glad that your DH was so sweet and came home early just to surprise you. What a sweetheart! Also so glad you were able to enjoy a full meal and not have it come back up. That is great, I hope that means your m/s is finally really backing off. Smile

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How awesome that he surprised you! And I hope this means the M/S is going away for good Wink

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That's awesome! I hope that you get some relief soon, you deserve it! :bighug: