OUUUUCH! Is this normal?!

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OUUUUCH! Is this normal?!

I am having a HORRIBLE pain in my tail bone/hip area. Its shooting and intense pain and its mostly when I bend a certain way or lay/sit a certain way. Its not constant, it kind of comes and goes but lately its been happening a lot! Is this something to do with pregnancy? I've never really had problems before with this?:crybaby:

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This sounds like sciatic pain. Basically the pregnancy hormones loosen up your pelvis and the nerves can slip in between the bones. This causes the pain! Chiropractors and Physical therapy can help. You will find certain motions cause it and you can learn to avoid them. I would talk to your doc about it.

I have to be very careful how I get out of bed! If I turn wrong then the pain in my left butt cheek is aweful. If I suck it up and walk a few steps while circling my pelvis (think hula hoop) then it usually goes away. I am using crutches still for my knee and they help me walk when the pain is bad.

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Yeah, sounds like sciatic pain. I know it can get really bad for some women during pregnancy. Sorry!

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Yep, definately sounds like sciatic pains! Ive been having those for a week now. Mine dont seem to go away though. Just lessen in pain. *hugs* I hope yours dont last long! Its hard to enjoy being pregnant when your in so much pain!

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Awwww, hugs! I hope that you all get some relief soon. That sounds terrible!

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RIght before I found out I was pregnant I got that! It even hurt to walk up the stairs, use the bathroom, sit down and get up! It hasn't come back and I hope that it doesn't! :bighug: