Overactive Uterus?

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Overactive Uterus?

Well yesterday I had a very interesting day of symptoms!!! Mostly my uterus... it started out with like pinching sensations, then just full on pressure, then just massive bloating. Then we were out to dinner and I almost couldn't eat my dinner because I got so nauseous! Smile I ended up eating it, then stopping midway during dessert! Sad That's def. the most symptoms I've ever had. OH and the peeing at night! How many times are you guys getting up at night?? I'm going at least 3 times...

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I get up every "morning" between 1230 and 1am to pee. I'm glad it's that time of night though, because I have to get up at 3 am to go to work and atleast I get a couple more hours of sleep after peeing...lol

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I get up at least once a night too. I also couldn't make it through a whole movie when I took T to see Brave; usually he is the one that has to go right in the middle! Yay Mari, glad you are getting some symptoms!