Ow..my butt hurts!

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Ow..my butt hurts!

LOL! SORRY about the title but it's the truth!

I know it can't be pregnancy related because it started right around the time the IVF cycle started, went away and has been really bad today! Sad It's a pain right on my butt cheek, it hurts when I walk...especially up the stairs and when I go sit down. I've never had this before. I did notice that for a few days my calf hurt but that went away. Today it's just strictly my butt!

What the heck is that? Dad said it could be the beginning of sciatica!??!?

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Oh dear!!!
Yes.. That sounds like sciatica to me.
I suffer REALLY badly with it.
It's in my left bum cheek and hip at the mo.
Luckily that's all tonight but it can be a dull throbbing all down your leg.
I fi d it changes sides.
I tend to try and walk it off. Although too long on you feet can be really painful.
I tend to take a pandol extra before bed so I can get comfy.

I really feel for you... It's blooming horrible.
Keep an eye as it can sometimes need an op to make it better.
M keeps telling me to see the doc as I tend to have it more often then not.
I know it will be okay tomorrow though as he's staying at his parents tonight so I won't be pushed to the edge of the bed.

Huge hugs!!!

Oh a nice warm bath may help ease it in the short term.

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I agree it sounds like sciatic nerve too. My dad is having issues with his right now and he explained in the same way you do. His has gotten really bad and he says sometimes he'll be walking and it just ceases up or something and he can't lift one of his legs. My dad has been to the doc and gotten steroid shots and everything else you can imagine and not much has worked for him. My mom has back issues too and stretching is what helps her the best. She has degenerative disk disease so there's nothing they can do for her other than surgery and that's a major surgery so she won't do it if she can manage her pain. She went to a physical therapist but stretching has been the key thing for her. I'd also say heat might help for right now. I hope you feel better soon. I know any kind of back/nerve pain is miserable.

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Yep. sounds like Sciatica. I have it as well and it gets worse with pregnancy.

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Sorry Mari. I don't have that, but it sounds like no fun. Hope you (and all you other ladies that suffer from it as well) feel better soon.

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Oh no!

I have sciatica in my left leg from a a car accident back in Feb. It gets so bad that the back of my thigh goes numb. I hope that this is only temporary for you!

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Ooo sorry about your butt! I hope it doesn't get any worse.

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Oh great...thanks for the responses still hurts this stinks

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I have that butt pain...I didn't think it could be sciatica. I really hope it's not, if I get that on top of SPD (I was on crutches and almost a wheelchair last time) I think I will be bed bound!

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Aw I hope the pain gets better! Sciatica sucks.