Owww my back!

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Owww my back!

Friday - I came home and tried to find my license (that I lost about a month ago). I started by looking under the couch cushions - and decided to vacuum them as well. That turned into vacuuming the floor (I have hardwood throughout the house, we usually sweep it) and the corners. Then I threw away a lot of "stuff". Went into the bedroom and did the same thing. Hallway? Same thing. Cleaned the kitchen. I even washed, dried, folded and PUT AWAY laundry...and everyone knows how much I despise folding and putting away laundry. DH worked yesterday (Saturday), so I was like, heck yeah! I'm gonna get done! I still had some issues in the bedroom and I really wanted to get the bathroom clean. I dusted the entertainment center. That was it. Haha. Today, I vacuumed AGAIN (DH's dog is part lab and he sheds constantly, it really irritates me because there is black dog hair EVERYWHERE, whereas my two barely shed at all) and got the bathroom clean. I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floor (it was gross) but I had to get back up before I was done. Yes, I can mop, but a mop just doesn't do what a good old fashioned scrubbing will do. I have five bags of trash that I asked DH to take to the trash can - that I probably will end up taking myself. NOT that I had that much trash sitting around, it's just stuff that we had sitting around that I decided we don't need anymore. DH still has stuff sitting around that I didn't know what to do with - like a really small tackle box, some paperwork from his school and a first aid kit.

I don't think I'm "nesting" - even though I haven't gotten down on my hands and knees to scrub anything since we moved in here. Is anyone else starting to clean like this? I think I'm doing it because I decided to have the baby shower at my house, and my grandmother is coming (I think) and she is SUPER snooty and stuck up and I really don't want her walking into a dirty house. When we moved into this house it was a hot mess, it's gotten a lot better, but some stuff I'm cleaning is from the previous owner, which I don't really think is fair because they're going to expect the house to be spotless when we move out.

I know, I know.. I'm rambling. So..who's cleaning? Who's making meals for when baby arrives? Who's setting up a nursery?

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Wow!!!! That's a lot of cleaning!

We had a mass purging last weekend because we are moving. This weekend we started to box everything. But this is not nesting. The real nesting will begin next weekend when we move in to our new place. I'm probably going to order the crib this week!!!! And sometime in early February we are going to Ikea to buy a dresser and some other things for his room.

DH and I decided that we will not prepare any meals ahead of time. His family gives us so much food on a normal weekend, we think they will be cooking non stop when the baby comes (they are Italian). Plus my friends are all foodies too and the ones with kiddos always circulate a sign up meal sheet whenever someone has a baby. The last friend that had a baby got like 7 meals. Seems like a great idea!

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You're TOTALLY nesting, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a LOT of cleaning!!! We built this home and have only lived here about 7 months so there's no real cleaning to do (we're overly anal about keeping things up :oops: ) But we are starting to buy things for him. Smile That's about as ready as I can get to being prepared for him.. DH keeps telling me to wait until the shower but it's hard. lol.. I hate not being prepared and having everything I need at any given time. Lol

I don't remember anyone cooking meals for me with DD.. maybe we'll do some of that for ourselves? Stuff ready to go just need to heat up or toss in the oven.. Smile

You're gonna turn 30 weeks this week, Jessica! OMG! :shock:

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Sounds like nesting to me and having the shower there is just an added bonus to tidy up!

Since we are in an apartment for the time being, baby will be in with us. So this weekend, we started tearing apart our bedroom and closet to start getting things ready. We aren't finished, but are close. I haven't really started feeling the urge yet to have everything spotless yet, but i'm sure it's coming.

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Yeah, sounds like nesting to me too. Smile Just be glad that it's coming before the shower. I am getting anxious because our nursery isn't done yet, but DH promised me that he will get it done in 3 weeks, he is just suuuuuper busy between now and then. Which, I hate waiting 3 weeks, but rationally I know that still only puts me at about 33 weeks, so assuming this guy stays put the way he's supposed to, that's not even really cutting it very close.

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We did a lot of cleaning and organizing this weekend. Still a lot more to do but my in laws got us a two hour house cleaning to use right before baby comes assuming I go at 39 weeks by csection like planned. We pulled down the baby clothes from the attic and I cannot even believe how little they are. So today I washed it all and now it needs to be folded and put away... We may have a snow day tomorrow so that will be my plan

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All I do is clean and organize lately. It's definitely nesting! Even when I'm at work, I'm daydreaming about the stuff I could be organizing at home, lol!

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Yup, that's nesting! I am starting to nest as well, I cleaned out our spare room that was full of crap this weekend and also did some other cleaning around the house. I have so much stuff I want to get done to get the house cleaned and organized before this baby arrives!