pain in the.....

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pain in the.....

Inner upper thighs??? Oh my word, my thighs hurt SOOO bad they feel like two giant bruises by the end of the day. Dr said it's normal due to location of baby's head, and my new gait lol if it wasn't for them oh and the lovely sciatica pain I would feel pretty good ! Anyone else in this painful boat? On a side note my sil was induced today and had a teeny tiny 5lb 12 oz baby girl, I think my baby is bigger than that NOW! lol But going to the hospital and seeing her made me MORE ready for this little one to come.

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I have had that inner thigh pain. It hurts!! That's when I started wearing my belly support belt. Helped a bit. Also sleeping with a pillow between my knees.

Congrats auntie!! Exciting that your LO will have a cousin so close in age!

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Ugh the pains we handle for pregnancy are unbelievable. Hang in there

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Congrats to your SIL! I don't have inner thigh pain.. my pain is right smack dab in the middle of my va jay jay. But not inside, it's like right on the lips or something. It hurts SO FRIGGIN BAD, especially right when I get up and walk or I'm flipping over in bed. Totally not fun. Hope you feel better soon!

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I have what feels like a RUSH of an enormous amount of blood and pressure to that area when I stand up... I have really bad veracious (sp?) veins in my legs and it feels like the are up by my vajaja now?!