Paranoid about illness

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Paranoid about illness

As I mentioned in the chat thread, I have Guard duty this weekend. One of the guys shows for work this morning saying he was up all night throwing up with diarrahea. AWESOME. He uses a phone, sits in two people's cars full of other co-workers and hang out in our breakroom. They sent him to sick call and hopefully he doesn't come back this weekend. I do NOT need this **** right now. When I get a stomach bug, I get it bad. Oh, did I mention he lives in Panama (the country) and just flew in last night, so now I'm overly paranoid about some out of country virus that he might have brought. I'm totally not a germaphobe, but I can't help but be freaked out about the potential here.

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I would be freaked out too. I normally don't worry about getting sick, but it seems like everything hits twice as hard when I'm pregnant and takes forever to get over, plus I'm not comfortable to take meds the way I would if I weren't pregnant. Hopefully you wont' catch whatever he had.

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Normally, I'm indifferent to other's getting sick.. I just stay away from them but to be from another country and be sick? Yeah that would tick me off a little bit. Do you have direct interaction with him?? Keep the hand sanitizer handy.. Sad

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I swear everybody in the state of Texas has the flu. DH was sick all week. I got my flu shot, but I figured I might get something, but so far so good.

Disinfect the phone, wash your hands and take your vitamins. Too bad you can't tell him to get outta there!

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I'm getting sick. My throat hurt the past couple of days and today my sinus' are messed up. I can only hope that it's not going to be bad. Usually when I get sick - I'm down for the count because I get SICK.

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I am right there with you Jessica. Sinusitis attack to the extreme. I just hope I am good enough to go to work tomorrow. My ears, throat, and head are killing me.

I wouldn't take any chances around that guy. I would be packing a can of lysol and spraying everything in sight!

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Being a teacher I am around germs all the time and I try not to freak out about it but it gets soooo hard. Especially with a two yr old with daycare germs on top of it all!

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Ugh, the stomach flu is the worst, even when you're not pregnant. I would be giving that dude a wiiiiiiiide berth.

Jessica and Christine - hope you both feel better soon!