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I passed the 1 hour glucose. Yay! But I'm anemic. Since its the second time my iron is low they want me to take a supplement now. Boo. I forsee serious constipation in my near future. haha.

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Yay for passing!!

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You won't be alone in that, lol. I hope the supplements don't mess with you too badly and congrats on passing your glucose test!

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Yay!!!! Congrats on passing! One less thing to worry about. Smile Sorry about the anemia though. I hope the supplements don't mess with your system too much.

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Yay for passing, but i'm sorry your anemic. Are they just having you take extra iron for a little while and then retesting or until the end?

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I think they will want me on supplements until the end, only because I dont think there are more standard blood tests after this point? Are there? But maybe they will give me a special blood test just to check my iron. The last test I thought is the group strep b and thats not a blood test. I dont know for sure, because the midwife left me a voicemail and the office was closed when I called back. So Im not sure how much or anything yet. But I hear its common. My friend was anemic throughout her pregnancy too. I read today that it can be more prevalent in those who had lots of morning sickness, which I did. And in those who had heavy periods before becoming preggers which I also had.

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Yay for passing! Anemia is pretty common. Ive had it with all my babies. The iron suplements should fix it though. They taste awful though!

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Yay for passing! Sorry you have to take the iron supplements, hopefully they won't cause too many issues with your system.