Pics of Liliana!

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Pics of Liliana!

Just a few hours old!

Getting ready to go home.

3 days old.

Isabelle meets her little sister for the first time.

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absolutely precious!!! Congratulations!!!!

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Awww, she is so adorable. She has such pretty eyebrows! Congrats again Rebecca!

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SO CUTE!! What a beautiful family you have, LOVE all the hair on her! congrats, you look amazing momma!

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Love her! Such a pretty girl. My favorite is the picture of your two girls together. So precious.

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Aww how adorable! How is DD liking being a big sister??

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sooooo cute pictures! Congrats on your new addition to your family! Smile

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So beautiful... I love all her hair!!!!

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Look at all that hair! She's absolutely beautiful! Congratulations Smile

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"babywings1" wrote:

Aww how adorable! How is DD liking being a big sister??

She likes being a big sister, I was concerned there might be jealousy, but so far she is fascinated with Liliana and calls her a sweet baby and a cute baby so I am happy she is adjusting well to our new addition. I am sure there will be some jealousy but things are going great so far!