Pity party over, natural meds questions?

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Pity party over, natural meds questions?

Im done being sorry for myself for not getting pg again this cycle. It definitely wasnt as depressing as my first cycle back ttc after losing Noah when I didnt get pg. I wish I could feel relaxed and happy about this process but I know that isnt in the cards. There is just still too much pain over Noah's loss that I carry in my heart and I know that some of that will be alleviated by having another healthy baby, though nothing can replace Noah of course. My cousin is having a shower this weekend and I REALLY dont want to go. But that is silly isnt it? I mean I have 6 kids and my cousin attended my one shower I had when I was pg with my first (though she was a mere child then!). I am happy for her I really am but Noah was due one month after her dd is due and I know it is gonna be painful for me to see her and her baby belly. I havent seen her or many of my family on that side since I lost Noah and I know they will feel uncomfortable around me and not know what to say. Still I am gonna go and make the best of it my girls are excited to go and so is my mom. All right I am going to start feeling positive now about this cycle and not worry about anything elsee.

So what natural meds are you guys taking? My period was light again which kind of worries me since it could indicate my lining isnt building up like it should. I read up on it though and it seems that many women experience light periods (and I mean light I had one day of spotting, then one day of medium bleeding, then two more days of just light spotting) and still get pg. Anyway I read Pom juice and RRL tea might help build up lining and I tried that last cycle but it doesnt seem to have worked. I didnt have any EWCM last cycle either and while I dont always have it every month I normally have more watery cm then I did too. So I have heard green tea is good for that as is robitussin or mucinex (I have used these before when ttc w/o much difference). Has anyone tried the FertileCM stuff or the FertileAid that is offered online? Its not cheap so I dont want to waste my money on them. My MW says that she thinks my prenatal and lots of water should do all that I need to get pg but said the other stuff wouldnt hurt me any. I have also thought about picking up some Vitex (chasteberry) or Maca Root? Anyone on those?

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Tiffany- I can definitely understand how hard it would be to go to her shower. Regardless of how many children you have...you just lost Noah. I think for me, I would skip and say I was ill. It would be so hard for me to go and put a smile on my face. All that being said, I have the most respect for anyone with strength enough to go. And to go for your girls... is commendable.

As for natural stuff... I am using Maca also. How much do you take each day? I am also using royal jelly.

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I don't have any experience with natural fertility meds, I just wanted to say that I'm very sorry for your loss, and I don't blame you at all for not wanting to go to a baby shower so soon after having lost your sweet boy.


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I am so sorry for your loss. :bigarmhug:

I am sure no matter what you choose your cousin will understand. You just have to do what it best for you.

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I'm using maca myself......I didn't this month...oops..lol... since I'm starting a new job in a few weeks I will start back (maca and spirulina) in Sept my DH is going to do fertility blend for men in Sept also.... gl

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Tiffany, hugs hun! I can only imagine how hard it's been for you :bigarmhug:

Natural meds:
I tried vitex the cycle I got pg but found it made me temps go crazy, so I stopped taking it. What I did try is soy isoflavones (picked up a bottle at GNC for 15bucks) I had been reading articles about it working like clomid to help induce ovulation. It's obviously not as potent as clomid so you take double to equal close to clomid (100mg soy = 50mg clomid roughly) taken days 3 to 7 or 5 to 9. Well I O'd on cd 60 only a few days after stopping the soy (I didn't bother waiting till my cycle started because who knew how long it would be) and finally got my bfp Smile

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"two_love" wrote:

I'm using maca myself......I didn't this month...oops..lol... since I'm starting a new job in a few weeks I will start back (maca and spirulina) in Sept my DH is going to do fertility blend for men in Sept also.... gl

This reminds me, Zinc is supposed to be really good for men's fertility. I was happy to find that out because my DH takes ZMA every day because it's also supposed to be good for athletes/body builders (he's not an athlete or body builder but he works out a lot.)

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