Poop explosions

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Poop explosions

Okay moms so what kind of diapers are your Lo's using?? My baby girl keeps having poop explosions, through the legs and up her back we are using huggies little snugglers size newborn, With my boys these worked fine had the occasional blowout but with her its seeming to be an every day thing and idk what to really do other than ask for advice cause i know boys and girls are shaped differently and no diaper is suppose to be gender specific but who knows..

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I definitely think it'd be worth trying Pampers to see if they hold them better.

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We started with pampers but switched to luvs when she had her yeast infection. She does have pretty wild poops especially for a formula baby but so far no leaking.

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We are using Pampers Swaddlers Newborn size and haven't had any issues.

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"DNJ0405" wrote:

We are using Pampers Swaddlers Newborn size and haven't had any issues.

This is what I use as well, and no issues, but mine is a boy.

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I had bad leaks with the huggies, and no leaks with the pampers swaddlers. I just hate how the pampers smell. YUCK! We are now using cloth dipes now that he is a little bigger and fits into them!

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I'm using the Pampers Swaddlers as well, I haven't had any issues with them and sometimes I wonder how in the world all that was contained...haha

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I went and Bought some pampers swaddlers thats what shes in now.. Gotta fit in the Huggies here and there to get them used up though hate wasting money. Thanks ladies

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I agree, every baby is shaped differently, no matter the gender! I found my some of my babies legs were too skinny for Huggies when they were newborns, and Pampers fit better. Hope you found something that works!