Possible Heart Defect?

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Possible Heart Defect?

Yes that's what I'm now dealing with! Sad My baby may have a heart defect due to the thickness of the fluid behind his neck. I was told yesterday that all was fine and my numbers were great and my US was normal. I get a call from my OB right now and she tells me that my numbers were normal but high and can be an indicatior of a heart defect so they recommend a fetal echocardiogram. I'm so upset. I know it can be nothing but this test won't be done for like another month so I have to worry about this until then. I see her next week and she will talk to me about it but I'm just so sad right now. Sad

I just new that the 2.9 was too high....it was my gut instinct.

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I'm so sorry you go this news...hugs lady. Why do they have to wait so long to do this ultrasound? I hope everything turns out alright.

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Hi Marisol!

It was my experience that anything 3 or over warranted another look. Given that your other numbers seemed fine and there were no markers found on the ultrasound, it could be nothing. It's just good that your doctor is looking into it.

The reason the next ultrasound is later is the baby's heart has to grow before you can really see any defect. It may be even later than a month from now before they can tell. I've heard that they like to do heart echos at 23-24 weeks.

Hang in there :goodluck:

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Oh my gosh !!! ((((HUGS!!!!!)))) Please please try to not stress too much!! It could end up being nothing at all! Good luck, I'm pulling for you!

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Mari - So sorry that you have to go through this and worry about it for a whole month! As others have said, the fact that your other numbers looked good is a great sign, but I know that you can't help but worry and I can't blame you. I would feel the same way.

:bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug:

I hope your doctor is able to be a bit more reassuring next week.

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Mari I'm so sorry. I really hope its nothing...but I'm sorry you have to wait so long. I would be stressing out too. Try to do something to take your mind off of it. Froyo, meditation, shopping. Whatever helps. Keeping you in my thoughts lady!

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I hope its nothing as well. just remember that it's out of your hands and all you can do is just keep the baby healthy from this day forward. its easy to wonder what might have been but really this is all meant to be!

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I'm sorry you are so worried, I know I would be too, but hopefully it will turn out to be nothing. I'm sorry you have to wait so long to find out too, hopefully your OB will offer some reassurance when you get to talk to her. :bigarmhug:

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Thanks girls!! Yesterday was a very difficult day for me. DH had to have a little talk with me because he didn't think the way I was stressing out was good for the baby. I'm feeling much better today. I have decided to try not to worry about it, and I will not google anything pertaining to it as well.

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So sorry you have to go through this. I tend to think that OB's worry us more then we really have too. I had a scare like this one and turns out everything was just fine. I think OB's have to let us know of the risks but more then likely, everything is just fine. Hope you can find some peace in this.

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Mary - I definitely agree with the "No Googling" policy. Dr Google always stresses me out. I think your hubby is right; worrying doesn't change anything and it is not good for you or the baby. I'm glad that you are in a better frame of mind today. (((HUGS)))

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Dr. Google needs to be fired! My goodness there is NEVER any good news on there. When there is other news, it's always like WAY off the subject I was looking for. For instance, if I google - why am I bleeding at 4 weeks pregnant? (yeah, been there done that). Miscarriages pop up (bad news), chemical pregnancies pop up (bad news) and then Spiderman who ran into a wall while eating a hamburger pops up. um...What?? LMAO

Anyway, I'm pulling for you! I hope it's nothing and I'm glad you're doing better today.

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don't stress ... yeah right!, easier said than done, I know. hopefully the next U/S comes soon and you get some answers.

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I am convinced these tests are designed to scare everyone!

Remember, this is a SCREENING and shows indicators of possiblities. Did you do the bloodwork as well? If so then all of that must be normal (or your doc would have told you!) and you only have to wonder about the neck measurement.

Believe me, I know its hard not to stress. My mantra has been this baby is perfectly healthy until they prove to me its not.

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Oh I am so sorry that you recieved this news. I know not worrying is easier said then done... not sure if I could wait that long without stressing too much either. I was told also by my ob that they like to see under 3... technically you are under 3 so this could really be nothing. It is good they are being proactive and watching it but try to stay off googling it and vent to us instead... that is why we are here! To share all our UPs and Downs!! Thinking of you!!