Postpartum check up nightmare

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Postpartum check up nightmare

So I had rescheduled my 6 week pp visit to today (7 weeks) so my dad could help with Henry. Because at my 2 week pp check up he screamed the whole time and I couldn't hear my midwife. So we get there, I tried to nurse him because he had just woken up from a nap and he was all smiley but not hungry yet. He does this thing where he just takes the nipple in his mouth and smiles..haha. So I knew he was going to be hungry when we got there and just in case I packed a bottle for my dad.

They called me back and at that moment he started to fuss. Then they weigh me and take my bp and she asks me how the baby is. I said great and that he seems less colickly fingers crossed. At that very moment I hear my son in the waiting room crying.

I see the midwife and she asks how the baby was and I told her that he was better but in a bad mood right now bc its lunchtime. She does the vaginal exam and I hear a baby right outside the exam door and I said "I'm glad I am not the only one with a screaming baby." But then the door opens and a nurse has a screaming Henry in her arms. I was like...umm my dad has a bottle and I kinda have someones hands in my vag right now. The nurse said that he refused the bottle and wants me.

So we rushed to finish. I couldn't even get a full vaginal exam because it hurt too bad. I mean it burned like hell and I said "stop." I guess 4th degree tears take longer to heal?

So then I nurse him in the exam room and he was so upset that he would not latch. He just cried with a nipple in his mouth for a good 3 minutes and I had to talk him down and sing to him to get him calm enough to eat. embarrasing. I was kinda pissed at my dad at first, but he said he was just sort of crying when the nurse approached him and offered to take him and thats when he escalated.

So what is this? Separation anxiety already? He has taken a bottle from my dad and my MIL before, and did fine. But I was there both times. And he takes a bottle from DH every night. I'm worried how daycare is going to go now. This sunday we are leaving him with MIL and going to lunch by ourselves, so we shall see how that goes. I'm scared now though.

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The fact that he cried for several minutes once he was with you makes me think not separation anxiety. Does nursing usually calm him down right away (it does for Reid.) If so, could it be something else like gas/tummy ache? Did he take any of the bottle at all?

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I'm so sorry your check hurt that bad. Hopefully the healing kicks into gear and things get more back to normal down there for you.

I'm also sorry he is still being such a bugger for you. I give you props girl. I think i'd be losing my mind by now and just giving up the whole breastfeeding thing and just switching to a formula for gasiness/sensitivity.
Just a quick question and you can yell me if need be lol. I don't breastfeed, but I do know you went on a special restriction diet to see if that has any affect on Henry at all. Has that seemed to help any? Or, and here's where you can yell at have you considered trying a special formula to see if that makes any difference for him and just pumping to keep your supply up just in case? I know i've heard most people get concerned about switching from bottle to nipple and back but if he has taken a bottle before that doesn't seem like it would be a concern for him.
Like I said, you can yell at me if you want to for the suggestion i'm just trying to think about what I would do if I was in your situation. I mean there's got to be some reason he is as fussy as he is I would think. I know it's a process of elimination though.


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Nursing does calm him down, but when he is upset he is hard to latch sometimes. Barracuda style nurser.

I do think the elimination diet is helping. I feel like this whole week he has been a different baby. So happy. And Jill I'm not going to yell at you...haha. So many people have people have told me the same. I have researched it and asked my LC and pedi and they both think formula would likely not help and could make things worse. I'm reading a book called "Colic Solved" written by a gastro pediatrician and he says the worse thing you can do for a baby with a milk allergy is switch to formula because they contain milk. The sensitive ones still contain milk but the proteins are broken down more. But if you eliminate milk from your diet, breastmilk should do a better job than a sensitive formula. Plus I've researched the cost if those sensitive formulas and some require a prescription and cost $350 a month. Now that I cannot afford.

I do think he was feeling better, I think it was a combo of being hungry and being held by a totsl stranger who was probably under stress holding a crying baby. Because when he finally latched he went to town and ate and then passed out again. I've got a mommas boy. He is also dramatic, you should hear what he sounds like when he has a wet diaper. My goodness, you'd think he was being tortured. I definitely think he has sensory issues. He gets overstimulated when too many people try to hold him or play with him too much. Hoping he grows out of all this soon. Right now though he just finished nursing and is smiling at me Smile

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But Jill the formula has crossed my mind so many times, especially when nursing was really painful and difficult for me. I swore if I ever got mastitis again I would switch to formula and maybe it would solve all my problems. I know I could try now, but I just got over sore raw nipples a couple of weeks ago, I'm not sure if he would remember how to latch. Also I am prone to clogged ducts and pumping just doesn't unclog them.

My SIL pumps exclusively and has been dealing with a massive clogged duct and she tried putting her 3 week old to the boob for the first time today with no luck. She might be switching to formula soon. I see why so many people do formula. I don't love breastfeeding...yet. But I have read so many good things about it, that I have tried to make it work.

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I'm sorry, it's so frustrating when you can't evenget 10 mminutes without the baby needing you. It's too early for separation anxiety. My guess is your dad got stressed when henry got fussy and it just escalated from there. I'm sorry bf has been so difficult for you, but I agree that formula could compound his issues. DS had really bad gas issues and I tried to switch him to formula at 5 months. After a few feedings, his gas was so much worse. It definitely didn't agree with his sensitive tummy. As for pumping exclusively, I did that with DS as well. It was worth it, but once these issues pass for you, you'll be so glad Henry nurses.

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I don't know why he wouldn't take the bottle, but I do know that getting worked up and refusing to latch happened to me the other night. We had brought him with us to an adult birthday dinner and left the other two with friends. At the restaurant I had brought a bottle with 3oz of milk just in case. We fed that to him but he only took 2oz and after that wanted to nurse. I think it was so noisy there that I tried taking my cover out and nursing (mind you, RIGHT next to the birthday GUY who was sitting on my right) and he was wayy too worked up. Then we decided to go to their house for cake afterward and he had another total meltdown. I felt SOOO embarrassed. So it happens to everyone!

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