Postpartum pains

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Postpartum pains

Anyone else having postpartum pains? Lately I have had some abdominal pain, like a torn muscle feeling. It seems worse when I cough, since I've had this cold, I have noticed it more. My friend said it could be lingering symphisis pubic dysfuntion. I had that from week 22-30 during pregnancy. But when I saw the chiro it got better.

I might call my midwife to see if she thinks its normal.

You guys...I still haven't had sex. We are doing other things, but every time we try it just doesn't work out. It hurts, I think its more psychological than anything. I haven't had any tear pains since about week 9 postpartum.

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I don't have any pains, but my belly is still tender and numb in parts. Of course, my delivery experience was completely different from yours. I would definitely call the mw to see what she says.

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We still haven't DTD either and I only had a 3rd degree tear. I can't remember now exactly when but I know with DD1 when I had a 3rd degree tear it was at least 6 months before we DTD and may have been more like 8-9 months. And it did hurt when when we did it. ((Hugs)) I know it is frustrating, but I think it really does take a while with a bad tear for things to feel less sore, even when everything has healed up. And I agree with calling your mw as she may have some insight/advice.

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We've done other things, but we've only DTD twice since R was born, and both times have been very recently. I'm actually okay now, but I remember that it took forever (like 6 months!) before sex stopped hurting after T was born.

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Well I am glad I am not alone in the DTD department. Haha.

Called the midwife today and she thinks what I am feeling is normal and if I don't have any bleeding or discharge then I should be ok, but to call if it gets worse. I always feel like I am bugging her in a way, maybe I need a new midwife. She is really sweet, but I would have liked the response "why don't you come in just to be safe."

My friend had ab pain and bleeding at 10 weeks postpartum and they discovered some tissue was left behind at birth and she had to have a D&C to remove it. So that kind of freaked me out.

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I had a csection...but recently its tender down there. I dunno if I'm just getting feeling back or what. I keep thinking I feel something in there. As far as dtd..we did it at 5 weeks pp but it hurt! And I didn't have any tears. Just take it slow and easy and do what's right for you.

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Slow and easy is the way to go and just keep trying. And, be verbal about it if your not. I know for some people it's awkward to talk during DTD, but for getting back into the swing of things after baby, thats what you need to do. Tell DH, slow easy and tender and don't be afraid to tell him when you need more or less or anything.
My DH was so good the first many times after baby. He would always ask if I was ok, if I need more, less, harder, softer, deeper and all of it. If we switched positions he always made sure i was ok before getting into it. For me it was just as much painful as it was the fear of feeling pain even if it wasn't there.
Good luck lady.

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Thanks Jill. I'm verbal. Haha. I think I just have a hard time relaxing too. It takes me awhile to get into it even when we are doing other things. Maybe I need a tall glass of wine beforehand and maybe things will be easier.