Prayers for a good friend. MC mentioned

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Prayers for a good friend. MC mentioned

A good friend of mine lost triplets in May and was referred to a RE because of her age. (She is 40) Well she spent ALL summer going in every Tuesday for BW and US and basically got no where. She finally started a hormone treatment to restart her cycle and still nothing. So today she went in for a Saline US and her scar tissue is so severe they couldn't even do it. She was told she should consider a surrogate. She will be having surgery but they don't think they will be able to "fix" the problem. I was just devastated for her, she has been trying for a long time and now this. I told her I thought she should get a second opinion, and she is. I also told her not to loose faith just yet. Please say a little prayer for her, she is destroyed.

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I'm very sorry to hear about everything your friend has had to go through. I hope that she is able to find a path to motherhood, either through a second opinion that leads to a successful pregnancy, surrogacy, adoption, or anything else that she is comfortable with. Many hugs to her and you. Smile

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Oh wow, that is tough. I'm so sorry for your friend. I believe in miracles and hope that she is holding a baby in her arms soon. I will keep her in my thoughts!

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Sending good thoughts to your friend.
I had surgery to remove scar tissue, after almost 4 years of TTC, that included 4 m/c and a stillbirth. I was 39.5 at the time.
4 months later I got a BFP, and a year and 4 days after my surgery, welcomed my DS(#2). This was after my first RE told me my only chance was IVF and donor eggs (got my 2nd opinion from an amazing RE, under who's care we went on to get pregnant twice with no treatments (just extensive testing and then finally the surgery)
Hope your friend's story has a happy ending

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I'm hoping that it's a matter of finding the right Dr. for her too.