Pregnancy and Body Image

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Pregnancy and Body Image

I was just reading the other day about how many women have to deal with "body image" issues when they are pregnant; I guess feeling "fat" and what not. On the other hand, I was noticing today in the mirror that having a big honking tummy makes my butt look tiny! (I've always had some junk in the trunk.) So I'm kind of pleased with my Body by Baby. LOL!!!! How about you ladies? Do you like your expanding bodies, or are you just counting down the months until your body looks normal again?

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I like how my body is looking, Although i wish some of the hormones that are making everything (hair, nails) grow, Just wish my boobs would catch up with everything else because it would be nice if i could for once look like i have more boobs than little lol..jmo

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I totally love my baby belly, although I wish it wasn't so heavy and awkward to carry around lol. DH loves it so much he's already saying we have to do this again because he's going to miss my sexy preggerness Wink

One thing that I've read that has pissed me off though, on pinterest a pin about what every man should read before he becomes a dad or something like that (I pinned it for DH and deleted it after I read it) it was an article written by a man for men who's wives were pregnant. In the article the author tells men that although their "once hot wives" were getting bigger by the minute they needed to make sure they got some sex in before baby was born "even though her growing belly is probably a bit of a turn off" - I can totally see how things like THIS would give some women body image issues....

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I'm ok, not great, but ok with how things are going so far and DH has no complaints at all, except that he's gaining weight right along with me. We decided if one of us is getting bigger the other can too and have started working out a plan for when the dr gives the ok to lose the weight together.

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Jill, that's really cute that you and your hubby are putting it on and taking it off together. Smile That will make it easier to stay motivated to lose the weight too, since you'll be doing it together.

Crystal - Haha, is it bad that it hasn't really occurred to me to worry about what DH thinks of my preggo body? LMAO I'm like "Surely he must notice how tiny my butt looks in comparison, and therefore realize that I look adorable." LMAO But yes, I can see how that kind of negativity would make some women feel weird about their bodies.

Jenny - I've always had erm....generous curves, shall we say (big boobies to match the big rear end...:lol:) so I'm actually having the opposite reaction - just like my booty, my boobs look petite next to my gigantor belly, and I like that.

Just so you guys know, I'm thinking about just keeping the belly, since it does such wonderful things (by comparison) for the rest of me....:lol:

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I've never had any kind of self esteem before I got with DH. My previous husband was a jerk and said things to me that pretty much condemned me to a life of low self esteem. But, I like the belly. I already had big boobs, so..they're just bigGER now. DH touches my belly often and tells me how sexy my belly is. It makes me LOL because I have a crap ton of stretch marks on there from the baby - and they're all nice and pink/red so very noticeable. But having this belly makes me look smaller elsewhere, which is an added bonus, PLUS I've lost weight this pregnancy and that combined with the big belly really makes everything smaller in comparison.. so I'm good.I also like the fact that every time I eat or do something stupid or thoughtless or can't remember anything - I can always blame it on being pregnant.

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This thread is hilarous! Alissa, it's funny that you're loving how it makes your butt look small, I feel the same way about my hips. I actually bought maternity skinny jeans, which is odd because I would NEVER wear skinny jeans otherwise because my hips stick out so much. Pregnant ... I totally pull them off, lol! I do go back and forth though. Some days I feel like I look really cute, and other days, I feel like my legs and thighs look really fat.

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That's crazy, about the guy saying it's a turn off. My husband thinks is sexy.. lol I really love that he still finds me attractive Smile

Oh.. skinny jeans.. I pull them off while preggo too lol bc my legs are normally smaller but being pregnant fills them up a little more. I like them especially right now with the colder weather!

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I love my baby bump. But I have the opposite problem as Alissa. I've always had a non-existent butt. My belly is making it much more non-existent. But I don't care. I think I've actually toned my upper body somehow since being pregnant. I'm happier with my arms now. Haha.

DH likes the belly. I feel good about my body, I just don't feel sexy, but that has nothing to do with the bump. I think that has mostly to do with my feeling gassy 24/7 and a face full of pimples.

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I prefer my body pregnant-my face has actually gotten thinner with this pregnancy, probably because of not eating as much the whole first trimester. And I always carry weight on my stomach so I like having an excuse for my tummy, lol! Its great to be able to flaunt it for a while instead of trying to camouflage it!

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I love being pregnant because it hides my flaws! I have major issues losing weight around my waist region between kids. I can never get it off and it's always so loose and yucky looking. But when I'm pregnant, the round belly makes sense and my boobs get bigger and I just look awesome. And my DH loves it too. Smile