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So what kind of prenatals are you girls taking? I always find this a difficult part of pregnancy as I usually have issues getting vitamins down when I'm nauseous. Plus they're SO expensive and I'm super-frugal coupon girl who can NEVER find a deal on prenatals.
SO this is what I've been taking:
Centrum Women's Multivitamins: Centrum Women Under 50, 200-Count Bottle: Health & Personal Care
And an extra capsule of folic acid: Sundown Naturals Folic Acid, 400 mcg, Tablets 350 tablets: Health & Personal Care

I compared a prenatal vitamin with what I am taking now and actually the Centrum has more calcium in it, which is needed during pregnancy because your baby takes straight from your bones. So less vitamins to take!

What are you girls taking/going to take?

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Ever since starting ttc nearly 4 years ago I used oregnacare.
Was bad at having food with them though.
Now all I have us 5mg of folic acid which can be taken without food.
This is perscribed to me due to my being a mutant of inbreeding!!! Hahaha!!
My consultant has sai this is all I need along with my cyclogest pessaries.
The lucky thing for me is that having an under active thyroid means I don't have to pay for it.
So phew!!!

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I'm taking the GNC Iron-Free ones. I'll likely switch to ones with iron now though. I have issues taking iron, it messes with my system too much, but I can't get the iron-free ones here, only in the US I think? I might ask my Dr. about that, if he knows of anything that's easier on the stomach.. after reading all of the labels on bottles here, I find the levels really high and that worries me, although I know it's an important mineral to be taking while pg. I'll tough it out if I have to.

GNC Prenatal Formula Without Iron - HEALTH VALLEY NAT. FOODS 1011001 - GNC

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I'm taking Prenatal Plus. I take them at night, after dinner so they don't bother my stomach.

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Because I'm a mutant like Liz, folic acid is extra important to me (I have a gene that makes it harder for my body to process folic acid) so I am on a prescription prenatal called VitaMedMD Plus Rx that has a special form of folic acid that is easier to process. It also comes with a plant based DHA pill. Plus I take extra folic acid, vitB, and baby aspirin. And progesterone. Blum 3

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I used Rainbow light prenatal one with my first preg.All of hte others made me extra nausesous and I am lactose intolerant and this one is lactose free.

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I usually take Rainbow Light but they are SO huge and taste like grass so that doesn't do me very well when I'm nauseous!