Preterm labor

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Preterm labor

So it officially happend to me...

Friday morning was pretty normal, no lifting, stressing out about getting other kids ready for school or anything like that just a slow going morning. I did however have to take my youngests homework to school for him cause i forgot to put it in his backpack on the way to him getting on the bus for school. On my way back from his school i had a painful contraction followed by some wetness down there..I get home go to the bathroom immediately and check and it looked like the beginnings of me starting my period. I started panicking.. Called my drs office immediately to which she had me head to labor and delivery.. Once registered they hooked me up to the monitors and noticed i was now contracting every 5 min which quickly turned to every 3 minutes.. They called my dr to let her know i was there went over the normal questions, have you been lifting anything heavy, any trama to your stomach or vagina to which i answered no.. They ended up giving me a shot of terbutaline to stop my contractions.. It only slowed them down.. Didn't get rid of them completely.. They did a full ultrasound scan and she has a full bag of water, the placenta is on the side of my uterus, They couldn't find any reason i was having the issues.. She is 3 lbs 2 oz right now and definantly still a girl... Officially on bedrest now at home and have been told if the bleeding comes back any kind of blood to go back. I have been spotting a bit here and there when sitting up so im afraid im going to be hospitalized till she is born .. I now am having to take Procardia around the clock every six hrs to keep my contractions at bay, although they still happen its just not often. Oh another tidbit of information since i went into preterm my boobs leak alot lol.. Guess im gonna have to go have my hubby buy me some nursing pads..

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Oh Jenny!!! Hang in there, mama! I'd have been pretty nervous, myself. But it sounds like your Drs are doing what they need to do to make sure you and your baby girl are staying safe and her inside as long as possible. KUP!!

:director: Stay inside, little missy!! It's not your time!!!


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Oh no! I will pray that your contractions will go away and for no more bleeding. How scary for you guys.

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Oh ((((HUGS)))) I hope she stays in there for as long as she needs too!! I'm glad you were proactive about it and didn't hesitate to get in touch with your doc. Bed rest is no fun, but it's worth it for your little girl Smile Good luck!

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Oh my gosh! I hope that you are able to control is for as long as little girl needs! I agree, I am so glad that you were proactive and they were able to get it stopped. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

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Oh no how scary. I'm glad you were able to get looked at immediately. Stay strong lady and hang on baby girl, it's not your turn yet!!!!

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Oh no Jenny! Im so sorry you are having to deal with this. Im glad that you got checked out and they stopped the contractions. I hope little Sadie keeps baking for awhile! I will keep you guys in my thoughts.

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Oh rest rest rest momma!!! Keep that baby girl baking Smile

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Well, I know you've been through this, but I'm sure bed rest is HARD! I'll pray they can keep your little girl baking as long as possible. Please keep us posted!

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Oh no! I'm glad they were able to get it slowed down and nothing looks like you're going to deliver too soon. Rest as much as you can, I know that would be SO tough!

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I will keep you in my prayers and I hope everything gets better. Sending happy thoughts your way Smile

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Oh wow, how scary. I hope everything is going ok-bed rest must be really hard. KUP on how its going.