The problem with names...

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The problem with names...

For me, every single name I think of is attached to some memory or someone I know/knew with that name. Or a movie character. I like the name Logan, DH thinks of Wolverine. I like the name David, but that's my ex's name. I like the name Tiffany, but that's a girl I hated in high school. I read somewhere that you can "think" that you'll be okay with naming your kid a name of someone you didn't get along with, but deep down, you're not okay with it.

I think I'm just gonna end up having Baby X.

Oh, and I signed up on yesterday (I was looking for coupons) and it asked for the babys first I just put "baby". LOL

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Coming up with the right name is soo hard.. You really have to put lots of thought into it. Thankfully I have a girls name picked out since its the same name ive wanted all along.. But if its another boy im screwed! Im just not good with boys names at all.

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I try not to worry *too* much about old associations with names. Once your baby is born, you'll forget all about that person. That being said, I do stay away from ex's or other really strong associations.

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Names are so hard. If you ask DH he has our names picked out, he's done. But he is willing and does consider every name I throw at him, so we'll see. I really like the names he has picked out, I'm just not sure I love them enough to name our child one of them for the rest of their lives, well at least until they turn 18. LOL