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Psi Bands

I don't know if any of you have tried these but I was at a health food store a few months back and saw these on clearance and decided to get them. They are called "Psi Bands" and they are somewhat stylish rubberish bands that you wear on your wrists and they have a little raised circle on them that sits on a pressure point to help with nausea.
Having had two pregnancies, both with moderate morning sickness, I am sold! I still get nauseous and I've thrown up a couple times but that's nothing compared to before. I think they just help diminish the feeling of nauseousness and make it more bearable. I usually lose weight in the first trimester and I've managed to maintain my weight pretty much so far.
So I would definitely recommend them! Here is a picture of mine:

And here is their website: Breathe a "Psi" of Relief! | Drug Free Wrist Bands for the Relief of Nausea

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I bought some SeaBands a few weeks ago, which are essentially the same thing. These are baby blue and cloth, but still have the raised disc thingy. aaaaand, they didn't do anything for me... lol

But some people swear by 'em, glad they helped!

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I almost bought these, but all my friends who have had morning sickness told me not to bother. But if you are having luck with them, I just might try them out! Thanks!