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Pure rant...

So I just *knew* I'd go into labor this past weekend. I mean, DH was off and we spent the whole weekend together - and it would have been nice to not have to worry about how to get in touch with him. But noooo. Julie wants to hang out inside. I am having issues with pain. I have had a few contractions, but mainly it feels like.. um.. like crampy, almost like I'm about to start my period. Not comfortable and not even something I can get excited about because the pain just STAYS there, I can't even fool myself into thinking they're contractions.
My boss asked me about 20 times if I was taking off next week. I kept saying no, we're just going to have to play it by ear. I don't have the vacation to just...take an entire week off and *wait* for the baby to come. She might come late! Then I'm out of vacation and have sat on my butt for an entire week for NOTHING.
Everyone seems to having different views on the whole first time mom thing. Some people say I'll come late, some people say I'll come early. And if ONE MORE PERSON tells me I'm going to have the baby on such and such date because they know someone who knows someone who's birthday/anniversary/whatever is that day, I'm gonna smack 'em.

Oh, and speaking of smacking people... will you (not you guys, work people) PLEASE stop asking me if I've popped out the baby yet. Obviously not. I'm still pregnant - and still at work. And can I just say that getting asked by the SAME people EVERY SINGLE DAY when I'm due is getting really old as well? I mean, seriously? Pay attention the first time! Or second...or third.. but 33rd is a BIT MUCH.

*sigh* I know she'll come when she's ready. But I'M ready now! *pout*

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Oh girl, you've had the roughest time. I hope you get a serious case of pregnancy amnesia once this baby is out and forget how aweful your pregnancy was.

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I swear I could have wrote your post. I was asked 3 times today why I am not taking this week off since the date is Friday... I am here.. I am doing my job now just get over it!!! Would it be nice to have the time off.. of course but also to just sit at home wondering if I am going into labor or not whatever I am here and working!!!

I am also sick of everyone with their this is when you will have it crap too... like I want to go on Friday.. no earlier no later so SHUT UP AND LET ME BE!!!!!!!!!! My students actually were happy to see me today becuase they thought I said last week with them was it since I see them every other week but I am sitll here!

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Joan - LOL. I told DH that the "magic" of seeing Julie and holding her and stuff better make me forget a LOT about being pregnant.

Aimee - yes! I *also* am getting tired of having an attitude and then someone saying, "I'll be glad when you're not pregnant anymore so you'll calm down." I'm thinking to myself, if you'd have done what I asked in the first place, I wouldn't have an attitude.. but what I actually SAY is - Oh right, like TELLING me I have an attitude is going to f'ing HELP!


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Sorry Jessica. It will be over before you know it. Do you have any plans on being induced after a certain point? I'm not an induction pusher, I was just curious how long your midwife will let you go. They will let me go to 42 weeks if me and the baby are ok. I just keep telling myself that my real due date is May 9th (42 weeks) and I think it helps me mentally. I also keep telling myself that I need 3 more paychecks to help me pay off the cloth diapers I just bought. Heehee!

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I just wanna give you big hugs and keep my mouth shut. lol.. :teethchatter: No chance of being gunned down that way. ROFL

You know I'm here for ya.. Wink And like I said yesterday, I'm ready to hate on ya. :comfort:


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Oh, girl.. not much longer, I HOPE! I hope these last days fly by for you!!

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Elizabeth - I'm not a pusher of anything. I'm not against anything, either. My MW is actually part of my OB's office, so ...I'm not sure who will actually end up delivering. I've actually seen the nurse practitioner for the last few appts. I hadn't met with her because she looked so mean, but I finally met her and she's not....LMAO Anyway, I really don't want to go past 41 weeks myself. I don't really want to be induced, but..then again, I don't really want any pain from labor either haha. So, I'm going to ask about that at my next appt, they haven't really done anything except check her heartbeat and measure my uterus. I will get checked Wednesday, finally.

Adriana - LOL. People on here don't bother me! We're all in the same boat. It's the stupids I deal with LOL

Nidia - thanks!

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Oh wow do I feel you... I'm not as far along as you are but I mean as far as people annoying me wise. If I hear "You're BIG, are you sure its not twins?!" or "Wow, you're about to pop huh?" or "when are you due again? oh, no way will you make it to then".... Okay people, enough! I know I'm as big as a house, I dont need to hear it from EVERYWHERE! You would not believe how often I get questioned whether I'm having twins or not. Not to mention just me getting annoyed at nothing. I've been very laid back this pregnancy and have not had any blow ups or anger or anything like that but I guess b/c its near the end my paitence are wearing thin. I feel like I'm pms'ing or something! DH sometimes doesnt even have to do anything or say anything and just his being makes me want to smack him. LOL Poor guy. OMG and my co-workers... I want to slap them every single day, all day long. Hang int there, we will make it through this and it will be so worth it when we're holding our little ones... I hope... right? LOL

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Hey Jess Smile I just wanted you to say I hope things get better and you are almost there! Not much longer girl and you will be holding your baby girl. I bet you are super excited. Sending positive and happy vibes your way. I will be praying for you too girl Smile

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Jessica, I came to check up on you. How are you doing today? I hope much better! ((((Hugs))))

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Hiiiiii Jina!! Today is much better (so far) thank you!! I hope you're doing good with your little boy!!

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Yeah, I'm with Elizabeth - I just assume baby is coming late, that way I'm not disappointed. Smile But it has to be hard to be at work and around SO many people all the time who ask you the same questions.