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QOTD 2/11

What is your biggest fear in general?

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I hate being in traffic on bridges or in a tunnel. I get super anxious because if something is going to happen you are STUCK!

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LOL, I think it'd be better to list what I'm not afraid of. I guess, like those really deep fears is dying, or someone close to me dying. But a more everyday fear? I hate spiders.

My mom hates being in tunnels or on high bridges. She's always like..., "Talk to me Jess. TALK TO ME." LOL

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I have lots of fears. The biggest is dying. Hate that one. Heights is another big one for me. Depends on the height. If I'm secure, but up high then I'm ok. But if I'm on the edge of a mountain I totally freak. But Aimee, I hear you on those bridges and tunnels...so scary. My hands sweat everytime I get stuck in traffic on those.

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Clowns! They seriously creep me out.
I also don't like spiders and some other things.
I'm with you ladies also on the bridges...no thank you. We have to cross one from IN going into KY and vise versa when we travel to see DH's family and thats the worst part of the whole trip.

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Obviously the deep fears are of losing my loved ones, but as far as "phobias" - I am terrified of spiders and terrified of the idea of my car going off a bridge or something and going underwater. Which is kind of funny because I don't live anywhere close to like an ocean or even any major lakes or rivers or anything where that is a real possibility. I watched a movie when I was a kid where a mom and her daughter go off a bridge in their car and the mom got knocked out and the kid couldn't wake her up and get her out of the car and the mom ended up drowning and that pretty much made up my mind that that's one of the worst things that can ever happen. Plus, now with power windows you can't even roll down your window to get out! You have to wait until the pressure in the car and the pressure outside the car stabilize, which only happens when the inside of the car fills almost all of the way up with water, before you can open the door. Horrifying, right?!? For this specific reason, I actually carry a hammer in my glove box (DH makes fun of me for being so scared of this remote possibility, but he also bought me the hammer, so that's how you know that he loves me anyway) so if it ever happens, I can at least have a chance to get out by smashing out my window. I'm not going down without a fight!