QOTD 2/12

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QOTD 2/12

Which do you prefer (pregnant or not) sweet or salty?

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Hmm, thats a tough one. How about both together! I love salty trail mix that has chocolate in it!

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right now it is Salt. (on avocados!)

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I love salt.. huge weakness of mine! Salty Fritos aroudn my period are my favorite

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Usually salty, definitely. However, with this pregnancy I have definitely craved more sweets, probably as a direct result of knowing that I'm not supposed to have them (because of my gd.)

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I like sweets. I've never been a big fan of anything salty, like chips or whatnot.
Now, don't get me wrong - I WILL eat them Smile followed up by a candy bar, of course LOL

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I love SWEEEET! Yummmmy but salty is also good! Smile

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Depends on my mood! I love sweets so probably more sweets, but I like my salty snacks as well.