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Qotd 2/20

Sorry for the missed days but I know you ladies understand

Do you have any tattoos? If yes where?

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I have two. I have a butterfly on my back right hip. Me and my best friend in high school each got one. Not the same but both butterflies in same area. The other is a 3 leaf clover in Irish flag colors that I kinda hate lol. That is on my front left hip. After the baby I want my third but I am not totally sure on it. I think I want ankle and I have symbol with a cross, heart and anchor and somehow I want the dates of my parents passing with the cross, the names of two girls with heart but I need to take it and have it designed better. Mine are all really small ones. DH has bigger ones and he has awesome design for two girls once rylee is born

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I don't. I've always wanted one, but I'm a HUGE wuss. I don't mind needles so much as the pain that I hear about.

DH has a few, manly man that he is :rolleyes: - one arm has the grim reaper holding a uh..one of those things that has sand in it and you turn it upside down to start the sand flowing again...they're like..an hourglass shape. I know there's a name for them but I'm pregnant LOL When I asked him what the heck it meant, he said if you mess with him, your time is up. *snort* The other arm has some...evil...looking thing. LOL He also got his family crest on his chest when his dad died. I've been joking with him for three years now that he should get my name tattoo'd on him somewhere. (it's a joke, neither of us would ever ever ever do that) and he said that the only names he'd get tattoo'd on him would be his kids. So, since I've been pregnant I haven't even brought it up. If he wants to get her name tattoo'd on him, I want it to be from his head - not because I joke about it all the time.

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Haha Jessica I am laughing because my DH is the opposite. He has this leprechaun with Irish flag and it is so not manly and done so badly!!! He wants to cover it eventually with another piece. He has a large Celtic cross on his upper arm and it is done amazingly.

As for the pain... I think it depends where... I totally felt my belly button piercing was way way worse than my tattoos but like I said mine are size of a quarter and in fleshy places lol

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I don't have one, but I too have always wanted one. I can't think of design that I could live with forever though and that's the problem. I change my hair a lot and my clothes. I keep people guessing on my style. Some people say I'm preppy and other say I'm bohemian, and then when I go out to an architecture function I bust out my black clothes and funky bright jewelry and weird handbags.

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This is going to sound weird, but my hubby does tattoos on the side. He has 7. I have 1! Hahahaha! I finally caved in about 2 years ago or so and let him to one. I'm the biggest wuss you will ever meet, so if I can do it, anyone can! Smile
He did mine. It's on my left ankle. It's a dolphin jumping out of a wave with my sons name underneath it. After this baby is born, and we have her name set in stone, he will do another one for me for her. It's going to be two palm trees with her name in between kind of like what a hammock would look like.

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I have one. It's on my waistband and is the Chinese lettering for Loyal. DH has the same thing (different colors) on his arm.

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None! I don't really want any although I think I'm going to have my friend do a henna tattoo on my belly before the baby comes!