QOTD 2/25

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QOTD 2/25

Water, soda, juice or other?

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hmmmm I made a hard one... I love cold water with a lemon during the summer, but I LOVE diet pepsi from a fountain... and lemonade is delish too... but I guess if I was like omg I want this it would prob be the diet pepsi!

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Regular Pepsi....omg I can't wait until I can drink that again without worrying about the caffeine.

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I love water! Ice water and lemons are good too! But definitely water!

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Water with lemon, definitely!

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Um. This is a no brainer for me. Soda. Haha.

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Iced coffee. Biggrin I like soda too. But I would never want to drink either one w/o drinking water as well since they're really dehydrating. I wish I liked water more though!

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water/Juice/decaf tea lol.. Oh wait i was suppose to just choose one...

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I usually go for water. But I love hot tea in the mornings and every now then I love a soda. The latter 2 I have been avoiding since becoming pregnant though, they are missed.