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QOTD 2/4

What is one guilty pleasure that you have?

My last board was so chatty that these had tons of responses every day... If people would rather not do them just let me know and I will stop Smile

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Reality tv is my guilty pleasure... it is so awful and yet I still watch it... Like the Bachelor and I cry on Biggest Loser lol... I know my pregnancy hormones right now but this is all the time and not just when I am preggo lol

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I hardly ever watch them because I'm at work, but sometimes when I'm at home I like to watch those judge shows (People's Court, Judge Judy.) :oops:

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I LOVE these! Please, please keep them coming. I have to come back though, I'm drawing a blank.

... Oh, OK, I got it, and this one is a bit embarrassing, but I will seriously watch anything with Zac Efron in it. I am WAAY to told to enjoy watching him, but I can't help myself. I have a seriously Cougar crush on him. I will also watch anythign with Reese Witherspoon for non cougar related reasons. I just adore her. It's funny becuase outside of their movies, I'm totally not into chick flicks, but I'll watch Legally Blonde or 17 Again a million times over and over again, lol.

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I LOVE Reese Witherspoon! *squeal* LOL Legally Blond is my fav. 179!!! Oh..what? Anyway... LMAO

My guilty pleasure is... erm... I love the really gross episodes of Hoarders. I mean, I like Hoarders anyway, but there's something about watching them and being like OMG that is SOOOO gross! LOL

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I love these too! Keep them coming.

Reality tv used to be a guilty pleasure. I used to love the bachelor, but I don't have time anymore. Plus I don't like the current bachelor, he seems like a giant douche and he's from Dallas.

Shopping has lately become a guilty pleasure. I need to stop.

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I would say "stupid" tv. My DH makes fun of me so I try to watch things when he isn't around. I love Teen Mom and reality shows like Extreme Couponing and I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant and My Strange Addiction etc. Also anything strange and health-related.

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wow, i have three huge guilty pleasures. My sweet tooth, yardsale websites, and law and order special victims unit, actually most crime and thriller tv shows lol

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I didn't realize I had so many until reading through all the posts!! haha Reality tv junkie, sweet tooth the size of Texas, Facebook, yardsale sites and actual yard sales! Any tv really about babies, kids or medical LMN movies too! haha