QOTD 2/5

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QOTD 2/5

What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you follow through or totally different?

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I don't rememeber having a lot of ideas when I was little, but in high school, I wanted to do graphic design for magazines. I did get a job working for the local newspaper after high school doing page design, but it was part time and the pay was low. Once college started to ... well, not pan out, I joined the Air Force and now I don't do anything close to that, but I'm not at all sad about it.

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I thought doctor all through high school and went pre-med for college but decided my junior year that the amount of schooling was not for me. I love being a teacher... I love working with teens and then also having ther perfet mothers hours

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Ha. I wanted to be a vet, but the more I got attached to animals, the more I realized I'd suck as a vet. One, I'm deathly allergic to cats and two, I get too attached and I wouldn't want to hurt them or have to put them down.

I went to college and got a B.A in English. Then I got my Master's in Creative Writing. And I work in a grocery store. SCORE! LOL And no, this isn't what I want to be doing.

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Honestly when I was growing up, people would ask me what I wanted to be and I would reply a teenage mom. until I was alot older did i understand. lol I changed it from a teenage mom to a mommy. And other jobs I was looking into was a vet, teacher, counslor. What I have done now is that I have graduated college with a four year bachelors in outdoor leadership and I am married and fixing to be a mommy! So I think I have done a pretty good job Smile

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I also wanted to be a vet when I was little. Then in jr. high when jurassic park came out, I decided I wanted to be a paleo botanist. Then in high school I still liked the idea of being a botanist or a landscape architect or an architect. I tried to go into landscape architecture, but they make you take architecture classes first....so I got a degree in architecture and loved it...still do. But after 6 years of working in an architecture firm, Im now working for a landscape architect. Funny how that worked out. My role is primarily management and design...I know very little about plants. But Im learning.

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Funny, I wanted to be a veterinarian as well! Then I realized how much science I would have to take, and then the sight of a cat getting spayed kind of made me nauseous and I decided against it. Smile
I got a general business mgmt degree in college, thinking I would be an executive assistant but ultimately just wanted to be a wife and mom. I was a bank teller and did some data processing out of college until I had my first.
Now I'm toying with the idea of doing something part time after this baby comes, but it would either be the type of job where I could take my kids along or do it from home. Ultimately I think it would be awesome to be a doula, but that would probably be after the kids were at least all school-age.