QOTD 2/6

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QOTD 2/6

What type of music do you enjoy to listen to?

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I am a big time coutnry music girl! I love it and it just makes me in such a great mood Smile as I sit here typing and listening to it...

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I started out listening to country, then went to mostly pop with a little country thrown in. Lately though, it's all back to country. Probably because I'm so friggin emotional that all the love songs are really hitting me. *eyeroll* I'm a hot mess.

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I go through phases. Right now, I've not been listening to much because the player in my car's not working. Sometimes it's pop, sometimes it's classic rock, sometimes it's something off the wall. It really depends on my mood.

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I listen mainly to indie rock, I like classic rock too and oldies!!

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I like to listen to a little of everything. It depends on my mood and what I'm feeling. I love to listen to disney movie songs too sometimes lol.

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I'm a country girl! But...will listen to pretty much anything as long as it's not the heavy metal rock where all they do is scream.

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