QOTD 2/7

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QOTD 2/7

Where is your favorite store to shop for your own clothes?

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I tend to shop at Kohls I think mostly for myself... while repgnant this time it has been Old Navy

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I love to go to thrift stores to shop for clothes. They have some really great deals and some really cute clothes! Smile

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I do very little shopping anymore. I shop at target and amazon.

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OMG, I can't remember the last time I've been clothes shopping! What I LOVE to do is hit the big fancy mall in Atlanta twice a year and hit the designer stores when the switch seasons. All the clothes from before go on the clearance rack and I get really nice clothes for cheap(er). It's a whole day affair but hubby and I would go twice a year and get lunch at this great restaurant there. DH is AWESOME about shopping with me. He's totally a manly man, but loves seeing me in nice clothes, so he'll actually help me pick out stuff and give opinions. We never do that anymore because we have a little boy and he's not terribly shopping friendly. I also like Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and the GAP.

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Clothes shopping for yourself? What's that?? LOL Good grief I can't remember the last time I went shopping for ME. I buy my black work pants at Walmart LOL

I guess my fav store would have to be Lane Bryant because I'm a big girl and really that's the ONLY store that I can go in and pick from everything. I also like CATO. I don't do much clothes shopping - I still have sweaters/tshirts from YEARS ago. I wear my work uniform so often (been there 13 years, 5 days a week lol) and PJ's the days I'm off that my regular clothes don't get much wear and tear on them.

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I hardly ever shop for clothes for myself. Probably Kohl's or Penney's when I do buy clothes.

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Thrift stores! Cheap clothing that looks great!

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I hate spending money on myself and it drives the hubby crazy. LOL

But when we do have the extra and I do go and shop for myself, I go to Kohls and JCPenney. Every now and then i'll see a cute shirt from Wal-Mart or Target and get it just because it's cheap. But...thats about it.