QOTD 3/4

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QOTD 3/4

What is your favorite color?

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Green!! followed closely by pink.

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in clothes for myself I love black grey and white combos... so plain... but actual color probably blue

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purple!!!! Smile

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Purple but I like browns and beiges for clothing.

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I wear a lot of blacks and grays with some splashes of color (not really on purpose, just that is what looks good on me and is easy to mix and match) but my favorite color in general is blue.

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My fav color is black. Followed VERY closely by hot pink and bright yellow.

Good thing I decided not to paint anymore - my house would look crazy Wink

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Color in general would be purple...but...most of my clothes consist of bright colors-shrugs!

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Teal. :love10:

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Depends on the day. I love blue, but I don't like wearing blue. I like green and I like wearing green. I love red too! But not all reds.