Qotw 2/9-2/10

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Qotw 2/9-2/10

What is yor favorite season?

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I love late spring and summer!!! I love the warm weather so we can be outdoors. This trapped inside with 30 inches of snow is not my idea of fun

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Probably spring and fall. Although I love summer and winter too, but after about a week or 2, Im ready for spring or fall. In texas its over 100 degrees for 40 straight days sometimes. And in winter it rains a lot and its kind of dreary.

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I do like to have seasons; I think it's too hot here in the summer and too warm in the winter. But spring is probably my favorite.

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Spring and summer! I hate having to be cooped up inside and the kids go nuts(and drive us batty too) not being able to get outside and play every day. So warmer weather it is for us!

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Spring/Summer when it is warm outside but not too hot. I like to be able to go outside and I like it being light longer at night-makes me feel more active and productive.

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Late spring/early summer. Past the "I'm gonna sneeze my head off stage" and still where it's not too hot but definitely not cold

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I love a little bit out of every season so I don't have a favorite.. but my favorite time of year is the first few weeks out of winter when the weather starts getting into the 60's and 70's for a week or two straight and you just smell the spring rains and it's warm enough to have the windows open. It's like a re-birth of life from living under a rock for 6 months! lol.. Yup, that's my fav. Smile

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My favorite seasons are spring and summer. Love the warm hot weather! Not a big fan of the cold weather. lol