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Okay, so.. I'm a bigger girl, right? My belly bump is all above my belly button. Underneath the belly button, (where, ironically the baby actually IS right now) is the same size. I know things are moving around in there and that's why my stomach is bigger.

Is everyone else's bump above their belly button? This is making me feel self

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Me too.

This is exactly what happened with Sam. The nice thing is I was able to wear my regular clothes for a while.

It was nice to have a bump to show off. Smile

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My mini-bump seems to be more high than low. DH always touches my belly up high, but I always tell him the baby is super low. I hear the heartbeat pretty close to my hairline still. Maybe an inch above. I can button up my regular jeans below the bump, well most days. Some days I wake up and I don't look pregnant at all and some days I feel huge.

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yeah totally normal. i think its because your organs are moving around to make room for the expanding uterus. its crazy how low and still far into your body baby still is though.

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I think what happens is that as your baby grows, it pushes your intestines up first before your baby is big enough to take center stage.

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Yes, my belly starts right below my boobs and is largest right at my belly button, even though the baby is still below the belly button. I agree with PPs, I think it's because the growing baby displaces all of the organs and stuff; all that stuff has to go somewhere! So it gets squashed upwards for a while. LOL, come to think of it, I have no idea where it goes when the baby is really big and takes up all the space. Behind the baby I guess.

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Y'all have no idea how much better this makes me feel to read this! Mine is the exact same way and I've always struggled with my weight (for the most part I keep it under control but its a roller coaster ride) and I know where the baby is but my "baby bump" is pretty much all above the belly button and I thought I was just getting chunky before I started REALLY showing. So this is pregnancy related and I'm not just piling on the pounds... GOOD! LOL Yay! Glad we're all pretty much in the same boat! Makes me feel so much better about myself.