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First off I'm angry with my doctors office. If I werent so far along in this pregnancy I would totally find another dr to switch to. So the dr put me on perscription strength Prevacid early in the pregnancy b/c my acid reflux has been beyond out of control. It works great but my perscription ran out of refills so I call to get him to call me more in... This started a lot (think around 6-7) of calls back and forth b/c the nurse was "confused" about what I was asking for. I told her in an annoyed tone which is very unlike me that if she could just look in my file she would see what he had perscribed... thats all I want, I'm not asking for something different or a higher dosage, just the same thing I have been taking all along! This has gone on for the last 2 days, she FINALLY called it in tonight AFTER 5pm and didnt bother to tell me but I called Rite Aid to see if they had (hoping) and what does the pharmacist tell me "they called the wrong thing in, they called the powder in which hasnt been made in years instead of the capsules. I sent it back but I'm thinking they were probably gone for the day" This was not the first problem I've had with them, I've only called them 2-3 times since the beginning of my pregnancy so its not like I'm bugging them non stop or anything but every single time I call they act really rude and annoyed like I'm bothering them. In the office everyone is nice... aside from the dr's acting like I'm just a number rather then someone their interested in as a person and a patient. I dont understand how the people who answer their phones can be so different then the girls behind the desk when I go into the office?! Looks like I'll be suffering yet another day b/c the stupid nurse couldnt figure out what I wanted and then called the wrong thing in.

And second... why are diaper bags so flipping expensive?! The cheapest I've seen is like $30.

Okay, sorry, I'm a bit grumpy and dealing with the dr for 2 days straight (this chick is about as smart as a box of rocks) and being miserable with my acid reflux has put me in a mood.

That is all.... for now. LOL :argh:

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Agh! I'm sorry you are dealing with all that. Acid reflux is the worse, so I know how bad you need that prescription. I hope you get your prescription soon.

I love love love my midwives, but I'm not really a fan of their office staff and nurses. I've been playing phone tag a lot to understand how much iron I'm supposed to take and whatnot. I just can't get them on the phone to answer this one question. And the office staff seems to get frustrated with me when I don't take the first appointment they offer me. Umm, I have a job too people.

And yes diaper bags are super expensive. Have you checked out amazon mom? They are having 20% off select items until feb. 1st if you use the promo code "baby2013." I got a crib mattress today for $20 off!

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I'm so sorry, I totally know how frustrating that it. I don't have this issue with my OBs office, but I CONSTANTLY have this issue with DS ped's office. No one ever calls me back, they never call stuff in when they say they did, and tend to send stuff to the pharmacy after it closes ... and this is breathing medication for my kid I'm talking about. It makes me incredibily angry.

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Ugh - sorry, I hope that you get your Prevacid and get some relief soon. Seriously, how irritating that you are having such a hard time just getting a refill of the exact same thing they have given you before.

Having trouble with the admin/support staff at drs offices seems to be a common theme. I love everybody at my regular OB office, but the people at my perinatologist's office kind of drive me bonkers. Same thing that Joan experiences with her ped, they take forever to return phone calls, emails, any communication whatsoever. I was having trouble managing my blood sugar last week, and it took them DAYS to get back to me; after pounding it into my head how important it is to manage and to call them if I need any help...:rolleyes: Anyway, good luck, and I hope they get it right today.

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That totally sucks that they won't refill your meds, even though they're the same meds. My OB office is pretty good about returning phone calls, I've had only one issue with not returning a phone call. I hope you get your meds and I hope your OB office gets better.. I know a lot of people have gone through child birth and ..for an office that does that ALL THE TIME, it's really nothing special but that doesn't mean I want to be treated like that...

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Man what is it with some people. Makes you just want to smack them all huh? I hope you are able to get your answers and some relief today.

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Agree with everyone! We always say this at my house that sometimes the lowest people in offices can be so rude and miserable. For me it is the older lady that answers the phone and greets you at the office. She is so grumpy all the time!!!

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I know it might be hard, but if you're really unhappy with your doctor/practice, don't think you can't change this "late" in the game - you can! It's totally your choice, but remember that.

I do hope you can get your script soon!