Rant, completely non pregnancy related

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Rant, completely non pregnancy related

Well, not pregnancy related ...except that with my complete attitude, it's just making it worse.

DH's dog has been living with us for almost 7 months. He is actually MIL's dog, but there are people living with MIL who don't get along with the dog. DH LOVES to throw it in my face when one of my dogs mess up, but the fact of the matter is - that is few and far between. HIS dog, however, craps on the floor daily and gets in the trash and pees and growls when you reprimand him. Like, time out doesn't work for a dog. And this dog is a black lab and he's snapped at DH before, so when I get pissed at him.. I yell, he growls but I don't want to get bit so..I don't approach him.

ONE - if he growls at me when I have the baby, I'm going to go the freak off.

TWO - Every time (which is basically every day) I tell DH that his perfect dog did something wrong, he always shrugs and says what do you want me to do about it???? OMG - I'm the one with the awful stomach, yet I'm also the one cleaning up old trash and POOP.

THREE - his TOENAILS drive me NUTS. He paces back and forth between the living room and the kitchen. He lays on the couch, but only when you practically scream at him to get up there (actually, I tell him and he gets up there, when DH gets home, the dog completely turns a deaf ear to me so DH has to tell him and sometimes yell for him to get up there). Yes, I know toenails can be cut. But he IS NOT MY DOG. He eats my dog's dog food, growls and snaps at them, pees and poops all over the floor - I think MIL should have to take him to the groomer or whatever.

I felt so bad for him when he first got here, because I'm a complete dog lover. I mean ALL dogs, I'm all over them I LOVE dogs. But this one? He is seriously seriously getting on my last nerve.

The ONLY thing keeping me from telling DH that he has to go is that I want DH to make that decision himself....and I think he's close to it because he sees that the dog can get mean and he knows we can't have that with a baby around. My two dogs? Completely house trained (so was his, he's freakin TEN!!), hold their potty and they're nice. Always. If they do something bad and need to be punished, they take it - they don't growl and try to BITE ME.


ok, sorry - rant over

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I can't help but snicker.. Lol I REALLLLY don't envy you.. As much of a dog lover as I am - which is to the ends of the Earth and back - I told DH his poodles were not welcomed in our home once we got married. It was me or them.. They whined and barked CONSTANTLY!!! His older poodle was NOT friendly sometimes and the younger one was just a pain in the ***.. always up under someone's feet and having this CRAZY high pitched whine!!!! :pissed:

Personally, knowing what you're going through with this struggle, I'd definitely ask DH what his plan is for when the baby comes.. Make sure he understands that a temperamental animal is NOT one that can be in the same home as his daughter.. The messing all over the house is not safe - it's WASTE - and can make baby (or you or him!!) sick.. and can pass that along. He needs to support you sooner than later to get this under control.. The dog will not come out the winner if no changes are made. Sad

Sorry your struggling with this one, mama.. :comfort:

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Same situation, but reversed at my house. Im the one with the bad behaving dog and DH is going nuts.

I love my dog and we are keeping her and thats that. Haha.

But DH nearly took her to the pound yesterday, bc we came home and she had totally destoyed our front door at our new place. Wood chips and paint chips everywhere. She has anxiety issues and freaks when we leave her somewhere new. DH also hates the toenails. I dont even notice it. Im not as sensitive to sounds like he is. And my dog has bathroom issues. She pees a lot, so much that I thought she had a kidney disorder, but nope. So we use the wee wee pads during the day. Luckily she doesnt poop inside, and when she does pee its 99% on the pad which we keep in the bathroom.

BUT as bad as my dog is, she wouldnt hurt a fly. She never growls and she actually runs away from cats. So Im not too worried about her with the baby. Except for her maybe acting out and destroying another door.
Sorry hope you figure it out soon. I hope too, that if you decide to give away the dog, that it goes to a family that loves it.

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The problem with men, is that the baby isn't really real to them until the baby is actually in their hands. I bet once he holds your little girl, he's gonna be so ready to kick the dog to the curb. Hopefully you can find someone who has the time to rehabilitate that dog.

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I think you need to have a long heart to heart with your DH. Bathroom issues aside (which would totally squick me out), you just can't have an unpredictable or mean dog around your little girl. Babies and toddlers are typically not great with pets, and that is something that they need to learn, but on the other hand your first priority has to be keeping her safe. It sounds like YOU aren't even totally safe around this dog, let alone someone who doesn't understand that you can't grab his face, or whatever. I'm a dog lover too, but at the end of the day your kids and their safety just have to come first. I understand about wanting your DH to come to this conclusion on his own, but it sounds like this has been going on for months, so I would say maybe it's about time to give him a little push. Good luck!