For real?

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For real?

Two things -

This morning I was eating an orange and was seriously getting out of breath from the effort it was taking to chew it. It happened at lunch as well.. I know they say you'll get out of breath easier as you go on in pregnancy, but really? Eating? It wasn't like I was going up and down stairs...and it was an ORANGE, not a friggin steak...

I was reading about labor. I've decided I'll skip that part. ROFL

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Ive read that too. Havent had it happen yet but i'm sure its coming.

Oh and been there done that with the labor kind of sucks till the end when you get to hold and see your baby. So i'm with you, can I just skip that part? K? Thanks. Smile

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LOL about getting out of breath eating an orange. I haven't experienced that particular joy of pregnancy yet, but I do remember getting very out of breath over relatively easy things when I was far along with T. They squish everything in there, including your lungs. If I remember correctly, you are on the short side, aren't you? I bet you have even less room in there being smaller.

Also LOL about skipping labor. Hmmm, yes, here's to hoping....;) Biggrin

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Alissa, yeah.. I'm only 5 feet tall. DH is just a hair over 6 feet tall (well that depends on what day you ask him, sometimes he's a little over, sometimes he's exactly 6 feet and sometimes he's under... goofy man)... and I wasn't a small baby and neither was he, so I assume baby girl will run out of space pretty quick...

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I haven't been short of breath while eating. But I do get short of breath when putting my shoes on, shaving my legs or doing any major bending.

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I have had shortness of breath as well. Not while eating necessarily, but sometimes just a little movement will cause it, like Elizabeth said, putting on shoes or bending is hard.

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I get it while doing any kind of bending or stair climbing or even sitting hunched over.