Really bad night...

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Really bad night...

I thought I was through the worst of m/s but last evening I began to vomit at 6:00... a lot. I had my prima bella watch on, took zofran and continued to get sick. At 8:00 I took phenegan and soon after got sick some more. I called the on call dr at 10:00 to find out if I could take more meds seeing the previous ones may have come up... he said more zofran and that typically it's no harm to vomit like this for 24hrs straight without keeping anything down. That just didn't seem right. I was already beginning to feel dehydrated a little and the thought of sitting in the ER for hours while still vomiting just wasn't an option. Eventually I stopped and slept. I was able to keep liquids in this morning which was good but still feel like I could start again at anytime. This m/s is kicking my butt. I dont't know how much more I can tolerate. Sad

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How aweful! I am sorry you are so sick still.

I pray you continue to feel better today and can get rehydrated.

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Wow that sounds rough. Sorry you are still sick. We have a lot of ladies in April with some serious morning sickness. I have it, but I feel blessed that I don't have it as bad as you or Jessica.

Get some rest, rehydrate and feel better soon!

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wow! you poor thing that sound horrible! :bighug:

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I'm so sorry that you have been so sick! I hope that you feel much better soon.

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That sounds aweful, perhaps you got a stomach bug? or is it normal for you to get that sick?

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How are you feeling now?