really, guy at work?

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really, guy at work?

I work with a lot of very logical thinking, analytical engineers. One of them, though he means well, has three times now made a comment to me about if I should be eating something/doing something while pregnant. Thanks guy, but I've got this. A Diet Coke isn't a shot of vodka ... she'll be fine.

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OMG, doesn't that irk you?? ALLLLLL the people at my job constantly comment on what I'm eating/drinking. I STILL have morning sickness, so I get a bag of something I can munch on throughout the day until I get off to come home and eat lunch. No, Cheetos aren't healthy, but I don't have to eat it all at once and it lasts me all day. Plus, I have a can of Mtn Dew in the morning and then switch to water. One can isn't even close to what I can have caffeine wise, but all I catch is crap.

((HUGS)) I totally know what you're going through.

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What is it about pregnancy that makes people think that your body is public property? If you want to have a freakin' Diet Coke or a freakin' handful of Cheetos, that is no one else's business. Jeez Louise. That really irritates me. LOL about it not being a shot of vodka.

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Ugh people. They are just so nosy and know it alls. I get crap on both sides. I have people telling me that I can't have freshed squeezed OJ because its not pasteurized and then I have people telling me that a glass of wine every now and then won't hurt the baby and that I should drink on occasion. Umm people...I got it under control. Thanks anyway for your unwanted advice.

Sorry girl. I hear things get worse when becoming a mom. Unwanted parenting advice comes your way. Not looking forward to that either.

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You see I would have just told him to go "sc*** himself." LOL!! Smile

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LMAO Mari I can't figure out which cuss word starts with sc! Lol I need more of a hint!