Reid Fell Asleep On His Own!!!!

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Reid Fell Asleep On His Own!!!!

I'm sure most of your babies have been doing this forever, but Reid NEVER has, so it's a big deal. Ever since he was a newborn, the only way to get Reid to sleep has been to either nurse him to sleep, or motion like a car ride, but then he always wakes up as soon as the car stops. It's so bad that he literally doesn't nap at daycare. They keep telling me that he is a wonderful baby who hardly ever cries (true) but he just never sleeps. I have a lot of trouble getting him to nap at home too. And whenever I try to lay him down drowsy but awake, he snaps alert and doesn't go to sleep.

Well, yesterday he actually fell asleep on my shoulder while we were at Portrait Innovations. We were going over the pictures and choosing our favorites. I was just sitting in a chair holding him, not doing anything particularly soothing, and then I looked down and he was OUT with his head on my shoulder, no nursing required. I was surprised, but I figured that the photo shoot just totally exhausted him.

Then this morning I nursed him to sleep and then laid him down for a naplike normal. A few minutes later I had just gotten into the shower, and I heard him wake up and start fussing on the baby monitor. This I'd what usually happens when I try to get him to nap at home- he wakes up a few minutes after I lay him down. Anyway, I didn't go to him because I was in the shower. He never started out and out crying, he just whined and fussed for a few minutes, and then went quiet. I went and checked on him after I got out, and he was fast asleep!!!! Seriously, I have let him fuss and even outright cry for a few minutes before, and he has NEVER gone back to sleep. He always just gets more upset and more awake. This feels like a step in the right direction in getting him to take real naps. What do you ladies think? Could he finally be getting to the point where he is actually ready to put himself to sleep? What should I do to try and build on this?

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Yay, I hope he keeps it up. Not sure if I have any advice about how to keep him in this pattern. Sounds like you are doing everything right. I have always heard to not pick them up when they are just fussing because of their sleep phases. Henry often fusses when he has just fallen asleep and as his sleep gets deeper he gets more quiet.

I still have to rock, wear, shush Henry to sleep most of the time. He has on occasion fallen asleep on his own and I think we are onto something and then the next day we are back to rocking and shushing.

Oh actually I started a flexible easy routine and it seems to help his napping. I feed in demand, then burp and then play with him til he is tired and then when he rubs his eyes or makes a fuss, I remove him from activity and swaddle or wear him (depending on the severity of his cry) and put him down. I had problems with him napping when I nursed him to sleep, because he would pass out for 15 min and wake up. But now that I offer awake time after nursing he has been staying asleep longer.

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That's great! I hope he keeps it up! I really want to try letting her work on it a bit, but she never eats enough after a nap to make it. She always needs to eat a bit after her awake time.