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Thread: Reid is here!! (Updated with Pic)

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    I had a busy weekend and didn't get time to check in. I'm sooooo excited to come here on Monday to see this!! That cord scare must have been a bit frightening, but it sounds like overall, everything went well. I'm so glad that you didn't get pushed into an early induction and were able to have him when he was ready and that he was a nice, healthy little size. You did it, Mama!!! Hooray!!!!

    Edited to add how freakin adorable he is!!!

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    Congrats Alissa! He is so cute and adorable! Now for some family time with your new arrival!

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    He is gorgeous, Alissa! I am so incredibly happy for you.

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    Congratulations he is adorable..
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    Congrats again Alissa! He us absolutely perfect and I'm so over the moon happy for you! Email me if you're up late feeding...I'm sure I'll be up too! we should pick up where we left off with wwf and
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    Aww Alissa, I'm in tears! I'm so happy for you!!! He's perfect!!! congratulations!!

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    He is so precious! So happy for you and your family!
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    Thank you ladies!

    Reid is actually taking a real nap in his crib (this is the first time he has slept for more than about 10 minutes anywhere but my arms...) so I have a few minutes to update with his birth story.

    So it's kind of funny because for months DH had been telling me that I couldn't go in to labor around Friday the 22nd or during the day Saturday the 23rd, because he is the speech and debate coach at his school and Friday and Saturday was the speech and debate state tournament. He came home around 6:30 pm on Saturday night and said "Okay, the tournament's done. You can go into labor any time you want now." At 8:30 pm I was coming down the stairs from putting T to bed, and my water broke as I was walking. Apparently Reid was just waiting for his daddy's permission. LOL!

    The funny thing was, at first I wasn't entirely sure that my water broke. When it broke with T, it was a big gush followed by light leaking. This time, I felt a little "pop" and then a small gush of fluid...and that was it. It wasn't even enough to get my pants wet. I went to the bathroom to check what was going on, and things were definitely wet in that area, but again, not enough to even soak through to my pants, and nothing else was coming out. I texted DH to tell him that he should probably hurry home (he ran out to go to the store and whatnot) but that I wasn't sure if my water had really broken or if I just peed a little. LOL. After a few minutes, it started leaking again, so I figured that this was the real deal, so I called my OB, and they told me to go to the hospital.

    We finished packing our bags, and then took T and our dog to the grandparent's house on the way. We got to the hospital a little after 9, and that was when my water really started gushing out. They tested me (although the nurse said it was a waste of a test because it was obvious) and declared that my water really had broken, so they admitted me.

    The problem was that I never started having regular contractions. They were between 20-10 minutes apart, weak, and never got any closer together. Finally around 2 am they started wanting to give me pitocin, but I asked them to wait a little longer, so we waited until 4 am. At 4 my body was doing even less than before, even though we had spent the night walking and whatnot, so I agreed to get the pitocin. I was scared to death of the pitocin contractions (I had them with T and they were godawful) so I got the epidural before I would let them start the pitocin. So much for a natural child birth. LOL Oh well, the good news is that the epidural this time was wonderful. I could move and feel the pressure of the contractions, but I was never in any pain. Total night and day experience from when I had T and the epi didn't really work.

    Anyway, I was only on the pitocin for about an hour total. My contractions finally started, but then when they had me roll onto my right side and I had a contraction, Reid's heart rate did a sudden nose dive, so they turned the pitocin off and we never put it back on. That was soooo scary! The nurse suddenly came running in and was like "Roll over, quickly, NOW!" and was messing with my IV stuff and grabbing me, and whatnot, and I had no idea why until after his heart rate went back up and the nurse could talk to me.

    Luckily, it seems like my contractions just needed a little jump start because I continued progressing on my own without the pitocin, but several more times during big contractions or contractions that were really close together Reid's heartrate dove again, and all of the nurses would come running in and have me move, and it was just terrifying and nerve wracking.

    Finally, around 9:45 they decided to have me start pushing. I was fully dilated but Reid wasn't far enough down the birth canal, so I had to push him down the birth canal. They were monitoring his heart rate really closely the whole time, but luckily pushing didn't seem to distress him. It took a while to push him down the birth canal. He was born at 10:34 am. When he was born, he had the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times (they said that it was a really long cord, just my luck) which is why his heart rate had been decelerating. I tore, but only a tiny bit. I only needed one stitch. DH cut the cord.

    They gave him to me immediately, and we immediately started doing skin to skin contact. They let me keep him for a few minutes, and then they took him just long enough to wipe him off and weigh him and do his assessments. I don't think they told me his apgar - I didn't even think about it until just now. But he's fine. After they did that off, they gave him back to me so I could start nursing him, and he caught on almost immediately (and still nurses like a little piggy every chance he gets.) His latch is great, and other than waiting for my milk to come in, nursing has been easy peasy and very comfortable.

    I guess that's about it. He roomed with me in the hospital, and we stayed for 2 nights. We went home on Tuesday, and we are getting settled in. I'm having a pretty easy recovery - I don't feel nearly as "hit by a bus" as I did when I came home from having T. DH has been a great help, and T has been very sweet with his new little brother. We are doing well and I'm so happy and in love with my boys.
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    Love love LOVE the birth story!

    Congrats again on your new bundle of blessings! SOOO glad to hear this one was much easier on your than the last!
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    *teary eyed* After the afternoon I've had (which I will post about ...obviously LOL) reading this made me burst into tears. I'm so happy for you!! It's interesting to know that your water just "broke" .. I mean, I know nothing really causes it, but I'm really hoping mine breaks so I'll know it's time to go to the hospital versus fighting with myself over contractions and if they hurt enough LOL

    Before you forget about your pregnancy - can you tell me where you were feeling Reid the last week or so of being pregnant? Julie is so all over the place..but mainly right in the middle of my stomach. And my stomach is ALWAYS rock hard (which is kinda awesome 'cuz it's definitely not rock hard when I'm not pregnant LMAO). I'm just wondering did you feel him way down low? I have felt some movement down near my hoo-hah, I said mainly it's up from that.

    I'm glad everything went (semi) smoothly for you!
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