Reid in the Moby

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Reid in the Moby

Using my Moby to hold Reid while I do some dishes and laundry. Thought you guys would like to see. Smile

Loving the Moby. I think I will go for a walk in a little while. Highly recommend it to those who are on the fence about it.

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He looks so snug! I never could get it so it felt right and I just didn't hold my daughter while doing stuff but she didn't need to be held so it's different. He totally looks like he is in a cozy place

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He looks awesome in it! You are a pro girl! My friend had a baby in February and a couple of weeks ago I watched her as she struggled to put her moby on while following youtube instructions. She could never get it snug enough. You make it look easy. I have one, I'm excited to use it or the mei tai. I think this could be a better option than the mei tai for the early months.

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He looks great in there! I need to find my wrap. I washed and put it away--somewhere!

You can also try to put him more up on one shoulder, I used that the most when Sam was small. Set his legs in the cross of the fabric and his body in the fabric fold on one shoulder.

I love the color and the owls!

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Aww, he looks so comfy and snug!

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what a cute moby wrap love it. Oh and he looks sooo comfy in that.

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That's such a cute Moby! He's so little!!

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Love the design and he looks super comfy. Hope it continues to work well for you so you can get some things taken care of.

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So cute!! ... and I *know* you had him, but.. I'm so used to your preggo belly I'm like..wha?? wait... huh? LOL

pico83 (not verified)

awww! I can't wait to get to use my Moby again.

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:lurk: oh my goodness! That moby is so stinking cute! I have one in a similar color but it doesn't have the owl! SO CUTE! I can't wait to use mine again!