Reid is rolling. :)

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Reid is rolling. :)

Ha, it's funny that I just posted that he's not rolling over I think 2 days ago on Henry's thread. Yesterday I was upstairs laying out T's clothes, when DH yelled for me to come down because Reid was rolling. I had left him on his back on a blanket on the floor, and by the time I got back down, he was just on his side. I told DH that he had been doing that forever, but DH swore that he had rolled onto his tummy and then back onto his side in the time it took me to run down the stairs. I waited for a while just watching him, and then I eventually went back upstairs to do more things that I needed to do. Of course the second I was up in my room, T and DH both started yelling "He's rolling, he's rolling!" so I ran back down again. And he was flat on his back again by the time I got back down. Same thing, I stood there waiting for like 5 minutes, and finally decided that I needed to finish up what I was doing, so I went back upstairs and....."He's rolling, get down here, he's rolling!" And when I got back, nope, he's on his back. Then he started to cry, so I ended up picking him up and ultimately nursing him and putting him down for a nap, without ever getting to see any evidence that he was actually rolling. LOL

FINALLY after his nap I put him back down on the floor, and sure enough, he rolled all the way onto his tummy, and then rolled back onto his back again. He did it several more times while I was watching. YAY! Now the problem is that he wants to roll every time I put him down, including on his changing table which means I am literally wrestling him the entire time I'm changing his diaper or dressing him. But so stinking cute. He's soooo pleased with himself.

I am surprised. I know it's not as early as many of your babies, but T didn't roll until he was almost 6 months so I was prepared to have another "late bloomer" on my hands.

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Wow that's pretty good to be able to roll over and over like that!
J has rolled from tummy to back before - he did it when he was just four weeks or so old! - and startled himself. But he really doesn't do it anymore. I don't think that counts haha!

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Oh sorry, he didn't roll over and over, just over and then back. Didn't want to make him sound more advanced than he is. :)If J could do it once he could do it again I'm sure. They're so funny though, he may not realize that he can do it! Like, he's physically strong enough but he didn't totally realize that he did it himself the first time and so doesn't realize that he can do it again himself. I love this age when you can actually see them figure stuff out, like "Oh wow, I can actually control how I kick my legs to hit something....Who knew?" LOL

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Yay Reid! That's impressive that he rolls both ways! Funny that you kept missing it! Henry only rolls from tummy to back so far! Not looking forward to resistance at the diaper changing pad. But its pretty dang exciting isn't it?

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Go Reid! That's so exciting when they start rolling. I can't wait for Wade to roll. He just has no interest right now.

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Julie isn't rolling either. Her tummy time is spent with her whining and pushing her face into whatever she's laying on. Haha.

Yay reid!!! I know when Julie realizes she can go...she's gonna be EVERYWHERE

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Who hoo Reid!!!! Thats awesome!

Kylie has rolled onto her tummy on the couch or our bed but no flat surface. But, I'm assuming it's coming soon since when she is on the floor on a blanket or her mat she will roll from her back to her side both ways and pretty quickly.