Reid's 2 month check up
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Thread: Reid's 2 month check up

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    Default Reid's 2 month check up

    Reid had his two month check up. My little peanut is growing! He is now 12 lbs 4 oz, which if you think about it is almost double his birth weight (6 lbs 5 oz). He was in the 15th percentile for weight when he was first born and now he's in the 50th, so the dr was really pleased with his growth curve. Also, he was so well behaved at the appt. the dr called him an "angel baby" and said he was the happiest baby she had seen all day. He was SUCH a handful when he was littler, so that really made my day. He got 4 shots though, which definitely meant that he wasn't the Happiest Baby anymore...
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    Yay for a great appt. I hate the shots at that age because they have no idea and it is literally just pain for them!
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    Glad he had such a good appt and is growing so well. They grow up way to fast!
    I also hate the shots part. Kylie has her first set of immunizations on Tuesday and I am so not looking forward to it.
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    Aww yay Reid for growing growing growing! I hate getting shots - and I'm grown. Well, grown in age anyhow. Ha.

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    Yay Reid, way to grow! Glad he was an angel baby at his appointment. Sorry about his shots. Hopefully he feels better now.
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