Rescheduled OB Appt

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Rescheduled OB Appt

So I went back for another ultrasound and had an appt with my doctor yesterday. First I had to go to a lab that is in the building because my office was booked for the u/s since it was last minute from last week and the high fluid. There was a young teenager with his mom there for a chest xray and he was coughing phlegm and sptitting it in the barrel in the waiting room. I almost screamed at him!!! Then there was a woman taken out by ambulance becuase they foudn a hematoma on her spleen.. I was like really are these signs of my appt lol

So had my u/s and then went to see my doc. My weight was good this time (I had been a little too much) and he said I was still measuring ahead. He is not worried though. I guess the cut off is 25 units (not sure what exactly the units are) and I am at 25.8 so I am not overly high. He wants to monitor me weekly with u/s and appts with him but he says he is not worried about anything at this point. If the fluid gets too high they take the baby early. We talked about my fears of being away coaching a game and having something happen but we went over my schedule and there is only one game on Jan 28th that is too far for them to get me to my delivering hospital. So I talked to my athletic director and I am not going to make that trip I do not think. Overall I feel good about everything just hate that I have to go weekly and have the u/s