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I'm just sitting here beside DH. The TV is on, but he's on his phone playing a game and I'm on the computer. I sneezed and O.....M.....G. I screamed at DH to help me up and he threw everything (including his phone) on the ground and grabbed me. It went away a few seconds after standing but it made me cry it hurt so bad.

Totally not cool.

Now I keep apologizing to DH for completely freaking him out.

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What happened??? :shock:

ETA - Ok Just got what "RLP" was.. :duh:

Lol.. Are you ok???

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Ouch! The sneezes are the worst because they are so sudden and powerful. Your DH sounds so caring, mine just laughs.

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Oh no! That is the worst. I agree with Cristan, my DH would laugh about that. Yours sounds sweet. lol

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mine has laughed at me too.. All i can say is you have no clue what this feels like

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I coughed this morning and it was soooo painful! My DH freaks out a bit when I have those pains because I didn't really have them with my first.

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Yes, thank you, I'm okay now.

If my DH laughed at me while I was yelling at him to help me WHILE I was crying, I think I'd karate chop him in his privates. LMAO

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LOL! That is a good way to ensure that you never have to suffer through another pregnancy, I suppose. Lol

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Ouch, sneezing is the worst. I'm glad your DH was nice about it and jumped to help. I remember with my first pregnancy one time I asked DH to bring me a glass of water when I was in bed-I had to roll over to get the water and rolling over at that point meant flinging myself over since I was so big-I misjudged where the edge of the bed was and threw myself out of the bed-poor DH nearly spilled the water all over the floor trying to catch me.