Rocket Ship!

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Rocket Ship!

I loooooove my Gestational Diabetes doctor! :biglove: So, they want to do a u/s every month to check Rocket's growth. I thought it was going to be just regular ultrasounds, and they mostly did those, but they also have the ability to do 3D and 4D ultrasounds, and they do them for free, just as an added bonus! And I get to do this every month!!! I was super psyched when they told me.

OMG though, he is a BRUTE. He already weighs 3.5 lbs, and is measuring lengthwise at 30 weeks. They said that with GD, the babies tend to be bigger, but more so around the tummy and fat. His tummy is actually measuring the "smallest" at 29 weeks, while his long bones and head and brain are measuring at 30 weeks, so the doctor said he thinks it's mostly just that Rocket is kind of a big bruiser of a kid. As was T.

Anyway, without further ado, Rocket Ship!


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So so so cute!!!!! Smile

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Love the pics, how neat that you get to see him every month! He is super cute!

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Cute! I think he resembles your DS1!

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OH man how cute!!!! I kinda wish we were doing 3D u/s's this time, but we decided not to spend the money. I can't believe you get to see his face once a month!!

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He is adorable and he looks like his big brother to me!!

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totally looks like his big brother to me too. How exciting it must be to be able to see him every month now:) Awesome.

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Congrats on getting see a 3D of your little boy every month. I never did understand how they weigh something inside of you... but I remember before you said T was a "long" child My DH is over 6 feet tall, I'm a measly 5 feet tall, so.. I guess it's a good thing I'm having a

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Thanks everyone! I agree, I think he looks a lot like T, especially when he was a baby.

Jessica - I'm not sure how they weigh them either - I guess maybe it's just an estimate based on the body size or something (like, "on average, each square inch of mass weighs X so....") That's my guess anyway. It's a good question. Hopefully your little girl will be on the little side like her mom. Smile T is definitely a long kid, so I'm guessing we'll probably see the same with Rocket.