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So, I went to the store. I work there too, but..I was shopping. My mom and I bake every Christmas together, it's a tradition I REFUSE to let die, even though she now lives 3 hours away. On a plus note - DH said he might go with me and hunt there (she's got a lot of land). ANYWAY, I was shopping - saw a friend of mine and we chatted a bit. I went on to the next aisle...and this lady is smack DAB in the middle of the aisle talking with her friend who is off to the side. I can't get around them, but they're both facing me and OF COURSE what I need is right where they are. So, I moved realllll slow down the aisle, thinking they'd move by the time I got there. Nope. So I stood there, both of them completely ignoring me. I said excuse me twice. Nothing. So, I went and finished my shopping and came back....they're STILL THERE. So I walked up, without the cart..said excuse me, I need to get to something right behind you. Lady looked at me...moved...and said...

"Damn girl you act like you're about to starve to get to those beans! Obviously that's not the case." She's eyeballing my belly as she says this. I was FLOORED. So I didn't say anything, but I was FUMING. She turns to her friend and continues to comment on my belly. At this point, an associate walks up to me and points at my belly and says how are the twins? (it's a joke between us) and I just smiled and said they're good.

The look on those ladies faces was priceless.

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Oh wow! Shes lucky your nice! I would have given her a piece of my mind! Im sorry that happened to you! I cant stand rude people! I bet she felt like a big ol jackass after your friends twins comment!!

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You're a HELL of a lot nicer than me! LOL!! Glad you got what you needed.. screw em otherwise. Some people are just complete asses...

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That is crazy!!!! People are so freaking rude sometimes. I hope she felt like the jerk she is after the twins comment!

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THAT was rediculously rude! You are so much nicer then me... Wish I had been with you! :boxing:

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Oh yeah those are the moments the crazy in me will come out! You are too nice!!!

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Sorry the were rude! There are alot of rude people in this world and it is alot harder to deal with while you're pregnant because we are more emotional. I was so mad the other day because I was waiting forever at the MAC counter just to get some lip gloss and then some other lady walked up and they helped her instead of me. I left without it and am still fuming about it. then at Target some ladies were standing right in the middle of the toy isle talking and I couldn't get through. It's like hello... you're not the only people in this world!!!