Rylee and DD photos hoot (pic heavy)

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Rylee and DD photos hoot (pic heavy)

So I buy groupons for pic people all the time because it is so affordable and usually I like a couple pics. This time I was in love with them all and paid extra for the cd to print my own. This was an hour after Rylee got 4 shots so I was worried it would be horrible. Here are some.... (Sorry they are big I can't figure out how to resize on the app)

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Love the pics, they are gorgeous!

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Wow, you got some amazing pictures! What beautiful girls! I really love the ones with them both on their tummies.

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Oh my gosh, they are sooooo cute! I love the one where Rylee is kind of draped over Avery's back. The look on her face is precious. Avery is a gorgeous little girl too. Good work Mama, you make beautiful girls!

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Love these! They all turned out so good! Beautiful little girls you have on your hands. Watch out when they are older.

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Love the photos. Your girls are so cute!