rylee's 2 mos appointment

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rylee's 2 mos appointment

Waaah I can't believe it is 2 mos already!!!

she is 24 3/4 inches long and 13lbs 14oz. She grew two inches and two lbs in a month! No wonder she is always snacking throughout the day. She is a lil less on the the weight and up on the length than my daughter was so clearly it is just our genes lol she got 3 shots and was not happy with DH but is now sleeping away

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Aww look at her, can't believe she is 2 months. I want to pinch her little thighs, she is so cute. Glad she had a great appointment!

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Awww, what a chunk!

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Yay for a cute happy and growing baby!!!!

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Oh my gosh, how cute! Glad she's doing okay!